Jewellers A.D.D

In the last month I’ve created everything from a silver ring inspired by the mad hatter
brass gypsy earrings


bronze leaves

enameled stars


and sparkly studds!!

And with every piece completed another ten variations are impatiently waiting to come alive!
I think I suffer from jewelers  A.D.D.
A Commonly know disorder suffered by goldsmiths and artist everywhere;-)

If you’d like to see all of my latest creations please pass by 18karat
(loacted at275 Dundas Street West)

Saturday, May 7 · 12:00pm5:00pm

where I will be part of a fantastic spring truck show!

hope to see you there!
Sarah De Gasperis  
jewellery . design

Spring Trunk Show

After a long winter it’s time to get excited about the warmer season that is finally upon us!  I’ve been expressing my excitement through creating a new collection inspired by sunny summer skies, calming waves of the lake and many more summer memories.  Come see the new collection titled “Summer Solstice” at a collaborative trunk show hosted by 18Karat.
This will be a great opportunity to see the whole collection together before it is put into stores!
In honour of Mother’s day there will be many great gift ideas such as your Moms favourite flower from the ever expanding “wildflowers” or a sweet little piece inspired by the first spring blossoms.
Hope to see you there!
Saturday, May 7th, 2011
12 – 5PM
275 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(just west of St.Patrick subway station)
*Kathryn Rebecca

In Black & White

Lately I have been enjoying creating jewellery from silver and wood, mostly black ebony and sometimes with cocobolo. On a recent trip to Exotic Woods in Burlington, I came across some beautiful pieces of black and white ebony, which I had not been familiar with. The salesperson told me that it was not completely dry, and advised me to dry it before working with it or it would eventually warp. Since drying wood is a slow process that normally takes months, I asked him whether there was a faster way of drying it. He told me that he knew of a guy who dried wood in his microwave by zapping it ten to twelve times, for about 10 seconds each time.
Not wanting to wait a year or so before I could begin to work with this wood, I decided to give the microwave method a try. I cut the ebony into small chunks, each slightly larger than the shapes I wanted to end up with after carving. I tried nuking the wood as the salesperson mentioned. The wood became very, very hot, but unfortunately after only four zaps, it warped, much as I had feared. I wasn’t exactly sure why, since I had been quite cautious, so I went to the internet for advice.
Predictably, everyone has lots of advice about drying wood. One method that intrigues involves boiling a piece of black & white ebony in boiling water for about an hour, taking it out while it’s still hot, then immediately placing it in a paper bag. I may just try this! I really enjoy working with this species of ebony because although it’s difficult to dry and carve, I can make beautiful jewellery with it. 

Young Kyoung Ko

Creating three dimensions

I was amazed by the ingenuity and the impact of these portraits. It led me to think of the infinite numbers of ways to exaggerate dimension. While the use of the bas relief of nails or the convincing painting alone could create this effect, together they are more powerful. In combination they give both a visual and tactile experience. In the often planar world of jewelry pieces–it is exciting to ponder the ways to take advantage of new ways to create the illusion of depth.

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