Girl Meets Studio

Well hello everyone! My name is Lauren Hanham and I am the newest addition to the Jewel Envy family. This is my very first blog post so I wanted to start off by introducing myself and talking a little bit about my work.
I am a 2009 graduate of the George Brown Jewellery Arts Program right here in Toronto, Ont. Before coming to Toronto for school I lived in Burlington, Ont for pretty much my entire life. I’ve always loved craft in any medium, even if I wasn’t good at it. Jewellery is by far my favourite. There’s something so satisfying about art you get to wear.
Some of my favourite things to experiment with in metal is seeing how far I can bend or stretch sheet metal or wire. I love how malleable metal can be. When I was in school many of my projects utilized these techniques. Now being back in a fully equipped studio, I plan to bring this character back to my designs.
After graduating I worked for Matsu Jewellery, a local Toronto jeweler, for about a year where I learned some great production techniques that enabled me to create my first collection out of college that I have called “The Lady Slippers”. Recently the slippers have been joined by a seaweed inspired collection called “De La Mer”. Soon to follow is a currently unamed collection inspired by animal claws.
Thanks for stopping by and come visit at the studio!

My “H2o” Ring is accepted to be part of the National Juried Show-“Inspired By”.

Gillian’s beautiful ring “Burnt Stew Trail” is also part of this show and it is awarded honorable mention by the judges.
Hope you can find time to visit this exhibition that will take place at Zilberschmuck Gallery .

Time: May 19, 2011 at 6pm to June 25, 2011 at 6pm
Hope to see you there!

I have admired Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures from afar for some time: he is the dutch artist/engineer who has created the oddly beautiful strandbeests. These “creatures” move in an animal-like way, and Jansen speaks of the way they charm observers.

Now people can own their own strandbeest, or at least a small replica. The 3D printing company Shapeways has made them available, printed in one pass, already articulated.


Fabrication class

Hi all!
For last few weeks, I taught Intro to fabrication class here at Jewel Envy. It has been a lot of fun, and class is heading toward the end already. It is always exciting to see students get excited about the projects and their ideas. 🙂 

Band rings by Satoko NaKaima, Leigh Courdnesne, Anna Dai, Kate Cherney
Earrings by Deborah Lewis, cuttle fish casting project
Pendant by Binh Truong, cuttle fish casting project

Bracelet and earrings by Suzanne Johnson
Bangle by Leigh Courdnesne
Pendant by Anna Dai


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