Until April 1 (really!) you can catch Katie Pitt of Kathryn Rebecca at the Spring One of a Kind show. She is being featured as one of the show’s ‘Rising Stars’, which of course wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows her beautiful jewellery. Come and peer into her showcases–it’s like gazing into a springtime meadow alight with delicate flowers and colour.

2012 Student Exhibition

Voting is now closed for the Student Exhibition. I would like to thank everyone for participating by submitting work as well as voting. First Place goes to Alexis Smith for her Industrial Gear Pendant. Second Place goes to Kate Psaltis for her Bangle with Fossil. Congratulations everyone and we look forward to seeing what everyone makes next!


2012 Student Exhibition 

Take a browse through our 2nd Annual Student Exhibition
here at Jewel Envy.  The exhibition will be running from
Friday February 10th, to Monday March 5th and now immortalized here on
our blog!  The opening reception is this Friday February the 10th from
5-9pm and is being generously supported by Magnotta Winery.  We’re
excited to display our hard working students creations and are once
again asking the public to vote on their favorite piece.  The winner
will receive free bench work time here at the studio to further
develop their skills.  Please join us at the opening or drop in to check
out the show while it is on display. You can  vote in person or through
email by sending us an email with your name, phone number and number of
the piece you think should win.

#1 “Hello my name is…” by Jay Joo
#2 Ring by Jay Joo
#3 “Nothing lasts forever” by Jay Joo
#4 Heaven’s Tree by Chakman Chow
#5 Rose bud by Chakman Chow
#6 Two finger ring by Padrin Kwok
#7 Ring by Padrin Kwok
#8 Rogue wave – two finger ring by Padrin Kwok
#9 Gasing Earrings by Joe Han Lee
#10 Malaysian Living in Canada by Joe Han Lee
#11 Kinetic Ring by Joe Han Lee
#12 Origami Pendant by Monika Weber
#13 Black Night by Chris Le Page
#14 Saturn by Chris Le Page


#15 Bangle by Kate Psaltis
#16 Bracelet by Kate Psaltis


#17 Pendant by Kate Psaltis
#18 Fallen Leaf by Candice Fraser
#19 Cameo Pendant by Alexis Smith


#20 Gears in Motion by Alexis Smith


#21 Industrial Gear Pendant by Alexis Smith    


2011 Student Exhibition

Voting is now Closed for the Student Exhibition. Thank you to everyone who participated!
-March 1/11

The Jewel Envy Student Exhibition is on display from Friday February 4th, 2011- Monday February 28th, 2011. To vote on your favorite piece in the show view the images below and send us an email to info@jewelenvy.ca with your name, contact info (email and phone number) and the number of the piece you think should win! The artist whose piece receives the most votes will be awarded with free bench time to further develop their skills!

Padrin Kwok


 Alexis Smith


Amanda Delacruz






Chakman Chow






E. B. Clutter


Emma Delgado Perrier


Gabriela Wilson






Jay Joo




Kate Psaltis






Marjaneh Yassini Amin






Monika Weber






Orest Dtwidiuk


 Penny Cook




Savita Patkar



I am sad to say that after two-and-a-half years, this is my
last blog for Jewel Envy.
When I first arrived here, I didn’t know anything about
jewellery supply places or about the Canadian style of making jewellery, but I
found it really nice working at Jewel Envy and being able to work with so many
different, wonderful kinds of jewellers. At Jewel Envy, I become a real jeweller.
I feel sad about leaving, but at the same time, I am really happy about my
future because I know what I want to do.
Thank you so much, Jewel Envy. I am going to miss you all.

A New Couple

Congratulation to Nicole and Robert that they are getting marry soon! They spent two Sundays and made wedding bands for each others. Without any jewellery making experience, they did such fantastic job on carving and finishing.

Enamel students

More pictures of student work coming your way!
This is my first time teaching the 8 week Enamel class and I am excited about all the samples and finished pieces my students have been creating.  I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to be making for their final project, which they will be starting soon and completing in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be sure to post the finished creations!

– Alexis

Stencil samples by Cheryl Koller
Cloisonne project by Cheryl Koller
Stencil samples and cloisonne by Colleen Wheeler

Stencil samples by Lisa Soch

by Kate Psaltis

Cloisonne by Kate Psaltis


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