To all my friends dreaming about a ring…

There is this pressure today to have everything. The perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect lifestyle.

Well nothing really works the way we plan so instead of waiting for the
stars to align just so, we should really be making choices that make us
happy in the life we have now.

I know many women waiting for the right man to come along and for some
it’s all about getting that fabulous ring and flaunting it. But really
why wait? If you work, and are not deeply in debt why not buy yourself
fabulous jewellery?! Why would you need someone else to say “by the way
you’re awesome here’s a ring…” when you can tell yourself that every

Below are some rings designed with just this thought in mind.

Image description: Sterling silver and lemon citrine, size 6 1/2; 14K
yellow gold, smokey quartz, blue sapphires, and orange citrines, size 4
1/2;  the unset yellow citrine is still waiting for a design.

By the way, the gold ring, is what I made for myself and yes I intend to flaunt it!

Contact me if you want something special all for you!


Bloom at Centre Shop, Harbourfront Centre

The George Brown College Jewellery Arts Graduate show, Bloom,  will take place tomorrow at The Centre Shop, Harbourfront Centre. I am looking forward to viewing the jewellery, and to seeing a few faces that I haven’t seen in a while. How time flies! It was one year ago that I presented my work along with the 2011 grads at our show Flourish. All the best to the new group of graduates!

Superstition: Super Sucess!

Last Thursday was the opening of Zilberschmuck’s eighth annual national juried exhibition, and the work was fantastic! I always enjoy seeing how many different interpretations there can be on a single theme. That’s the best part about art, in my opinion. Besides making it of course.
There were 33 entries including Jewel Envy’s own: Gillian Batcher, Alexis Kostuk, Lianne Friesen, and Fatima Tataragic. The exhibition runs until May 26th. Open Tues – Sat, 11:00am – 6:00pm. 910 Kingston Rd, Toronto Ontario.

Read more about all the entries on Zilberschmuck’s blog.


“Armoured Heart” by Gillian Batcher

“Mutant Eye” & “Evil Eye” by Alexis Kostuk

“Worry Stone” by Lianne Friesen

“Homage to a Childhood Superstition” by Fatima Tataragic

Today is the opening of the “Superstition” exhibition at the Zilberschmuck gallery.
Jewel Envy studio will be represented by designers/goldsmiths:  Lianne Friesen, Gillian E. Batcher, Alexis Kostuk and Fatima Tataragic.
If you are jewels/art lovers make sure to check out this show.
Stay tuned for photos.

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