Interning at Jewel Envy

Hi everyone!

My name is Cherry. I will be a fourth year student in Material Arts and Design program, majoring in Jewellery/Metalsmithing at OCAD University. I intend to do GIA after my undergraduate at OCAD University.

I recently finished my internship at Jewel Envy, which was from June 2nd to July 30th. I worked here as an intern as part of my internship course at school, which required me to work between 80 – 120 hours. I found out about this internship through Gillian Batcher, as she was my instructor for one of my courses in my third year; as well as through a posting in the jewellery studio at school. Interning at Jewel Envy has been a wonderful experience. It is exciting and eye opening to be working under four talented goldsmiths; Gillian Batcher, Alexis Kostuk, Amanda Henderson and Sasha Oda. I have learned techniques, which I wouldn’t have learned at school. For example, I learned how to silver/gold plate, shown how to use tools that I have never used before, and much more. I have definitely improved on my technical skills through this internship, and I see things differently after working with the amazing goldsmiths at Jewel Envy.

I really appreciate Gillian, Alexis, Amanda, Sasha, and the rest of the goldsmiths at Jewel Envy for being so patient with me and treating me so kindly. This is an unforgettable experience! I wish everyone all the best in the future. 🙂

– Cherry

P.S: To see some of my past school work, feel free to see them under gallery at 🙂

Memorial Commission

We are excited to be a part of the process of creating a memorial
piece commissioned by Veronica Moloney of her grandfather Dr. Peter Joseph
Moloney that she wanted to include on the cover of a biographical book
that she has created.   

“I was aware of the work of my grandfather in a general way,
and that (his work) was very admirable so I knew that I must find a way to
write the book.”

Veronica wanted a beautiful cover for the book. Her initial thoughts
were to commission a sculpture, but it was beyond her means. This led her to think of what her neighbourhood jewellery
shop, Jewel Envy, could create.

After consultations and discussions of options our goldsmith
Lauren Hanham created a gold plated brass memorial piece for the cover.  

The cover of the first biography ever written of the
historically significant work of a Canadian pioneering vaccine researcher, Dr.
Peter Joseph Moloney features the commissioned piece created at Jewel Envy.
“The greatest thing I learned is that it was my grandfather
who made the world’s first large amount of insulin in 1922.”

Following the discovery of insulin in 1921 word had
spread rapidly that Toronto had insulin and requests for it were pouring in from all over the world. Attempts at producing a large amount of insulin were not succeeding, leading to
great frustration. Dr. Peter Joseph Moloney‘s contributions
solved the problem, helping to create several thousands of doses to ship around the

Back cover of the book, you will notice that the image of Dr. Peter Joseph Moloney on the right is the one used in the memorial piece created by Lauren Hanham. 
book has text in Dr. Moloney’s words, except where there are brief
explanations, many photos, documents and a brief authoritative biography
written by a University of Toronto professor who knew him well,

Msgr. Edward A. Synan, F. R. S. C.
The book includes Dr. Moloney’s significant works along with a brief family history, influences, and acquintances. Veronica Moloney is currently working on a more in-depth biography
that will be available on later this summer.

July Jewellery Picks

Summer has finally bloomed! And to celebrate, here are my monthly jewellery picks. I went with a summery theme this month and chose flower jewellery (with one small and beautiful exception). Take a look!

Silver flower earrings with blue and yellow sapphires, and chalcedony by Gillian of Pash Jewellery.

Silver medallion-style necklace by Helena Lafaurie. This beauty looks great doubled or left as one long chain!

Gold plated studs by Judith Noldin. Great every day earrings!

Not a flower, but this stunner is a nature themed brooch by glass artist, Seung Hee Lee.

Silver and rose gold studs and stacking rings by Amanda of Jewelust.


Recently, I have become fond of opals. Opal is the national gemstone in Australia, it is also very soft. I accidentally hand crushed an opal while handling it, and it completely broke my heart. The most alluring part about opals are the range of colours. This particular effect we call “play of colour” which can only be seen in opals. Check out some examples below, including some of my latest work!

Boulder Opal – here is opal when it is found in the rough!
Black Opal

Fire Opal
Ellolite’s opal jewellery – made at Jewel Envy

Again a lovely Sunday at Jewel Envy ,
customers dropping by…
I , my name is Judith Noldin ,am struggling with a piece of  steel I want to solder on silver.
Not really successful so far.
Guess I have to ask Miss Google and then give it another try .
Happy summer weekend to all of you !

FAT fingers

It finally feels like summer has arrived!
Though to tell the truth, I always feel a bit conflicted during the summer months. On the one hand, I love the carefree happiness and ease that comes with warmer weather. And then on the other hand, I have summertime fat fingers. That’s right, I suffer from Fat Fingers in the Summer Syndrome (FFSS).
When the weather heats up and there is more humidity in the air, my fingers get swollen and rings no longer fit as they should. Sometimes I will put on my rings in an act of defiance, in which case I either live with the finger muffin tops, or I eventually take them off in defeat.
I might have a new plan of attack this year: BRACELETS!!! I don’t usually wear them, but they could be the answer to my FFSS problems.
I will start by wearing an oldie but a goodie, the arrowhead bracelet in sterling silver.
 If your jewellery game is similarly affected by FFSS, by all means join me by wearing bracelets during the hotter months:)
And if your fingers stay the same size all year long, then I am jealous and impressed, and encourage you to wear more rings.
Happy Sunday!

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