Little pieces of me extend all over, bringing me joy!

I have been doing a lot of custom work lately and it’s made me reflect a little about my career choice. I absolutely love coming up with my own designs and seeing them come to life in finished pieces of jewellery. Yet there is something special about meeting with someone and sharing the process of how I design and create to then bring one of their ideas to life. The sharing of personal details is intimate and a bond is formed over this process.

Often people don’t think they are conveying enough detail when we meet to design something for them but there is more that goes into a design than just what you tell the artist. There are many nuances captured in how you speak, what you are wearing, and how you describe how you want to wear a piece of jewellery. Over time one learns to read between the lines to flush out each customer and what is important to them in the design.

This personal side of custom jewellery is what deeply appeals to me. Jewellery is meant to be treasured and seemingly in juxtaposition to our other acquired treasures, also worn. We bond with our jewellery just as we bond as a customer and maker. When a treasure I have created leaves the studio a little piece of me goes to a new home and in that act my work starts a new journey, one I can daydream about and feel proud to have been a part of. Little pieces of me exist all over, making my artistic heart soar!


Micheline Roi

Hello!  My name is Dirk and I’m new to Jewel Envy, it’s amazing being surrounded by so many talented goldsmiths!  The closest one is my bench partner: Micheline!
Her work is always inspiring with bold design elements, and this ring shows it!  
Her bold patterns and gorgeous mounted gems are definite statement pieces for any occasion!

Her works also tell stories. such as this incredible piercework piece!
Micheline has an incredible selection of bold, colourful, contemporary jewelry that reflect her personality and abilities: I’m so glad to have met her!  
Hope to see you soon!


Hyewon Jang
This is Hyewon, a wonderful goldsmith who works out of Jewel Envy. 
The following are all pieces from her Africa collection:
I love the contrast between the bold asymmetrical shapes, and the delicate colour of the stones. Plus, these stud earrings look like exclamation points don’t they!!!!!!!
The bright pop of colour at the bottom of these stepping stone earrings is just perfect. They’d look great with a black turtleneck in the winter, or a white t-shirt in the summer, amirite?!
Yet another great pair of earrings, with bold, asymmetrical detail and pretty pearls at the bottom. These tie in very nicely with a lot of other pieces that Hyewon makes, as she is very fond of pearls:)

Bet you thought it would be another pair of earrings! Nope, just the cutest lil’ pendant ever.
All Hyewon’s work is just as beautiful. Her pieces are delicate and strong at the same time, and she likes to play with shape and form in surprising ways. Gemstones and pearls add just the right amount of colour, and her work is always the perfect way to add ooh-la-la to any outfit. Come in and take a look!

New year, new plans, new dreams!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! If you know me personally, you know I am a planner so when I started to dream up things to come for this year I had a huge to-do list. That’s how I like to start a new year, with a long list of ideas and dreams that can get distilled into a shorter version of the best ones to implement.

Now it’s not just up to me what happens here in a year as we work collaboratively in this studio environment so having all of the jewellers on board for the plans makes them much more successful. To allow us to work this way we hold regular studio meetings where everyone’s input is heard and considered. This may seem like a radical idea for a business to choose to use a collective style without officially being one, but it is a method I strongly believe in and have stuck to since opening. I choose to work with creative people, so I think creative voices should have the opportunity to do what they do best, which is to dream.

2016 will be Jewel Envy’s tenth year in business and boy has it grown over time. It started as a small two person business and has grown to include around a dozen goldsmiths at any one time. As we ramp up to a big 10 year anniversary party near the end of the year we will be holding special events throughout the year to celebrate our customers who have made it possible to not just survive all of these years but to thrive and grow with you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to so. Wishing all of you an amazing 2016 full of realized dreams this year!


This weeks spotlight jeweller is Tammy McClennan!

Tammy’s work uses a combination of traditional metalsmithing techniques which she combines with some more industrial processes. She creates sculptural geometric pieces that are hollow and then instead of traditional metal finishing used in jewellery she powder coats them in her chosen colour palette.

If you are not familiar with powder coating, think big, like how cars are painted, your bicycle, and really most purchased painted metal objects!

What I find the most fascinating with this work is her integration of the findings (the parts that allow you to put on the necklaces and secure them in place. Hers are made specifically for her work and are simple enough to fabricate yet complex in how she worked them seamlessly into the design.

The clasp is a piece if tubing that a thick metal wire slots into. The geometric pieces sit on the tubing and are interchangeable amongst the necklaces. The actual necklace is steel cable further adding to the industrial look. Although the necklaces are large they are in fact light because they are hollow.

Next time you are in the store b sure to give these pieces a look and try them on!

Until my next entry,

Happy accessorizing!


Kris Ruhs

Shortly before the holidays I took off for Milan, Italy. Of my many city stops I checked out 10 Corso Como a concept store – gallery, cafe, shop, book store all rolled into one. They had some amazing Kris Ruhs jewellery on display (and for sale). A renaissance man – painter, sculptor, installation artist, jewellery maker; I love seeing the crossover of an artist’s work across disciplines – check out the links and the pics to feast your eyes out. – Alexis

Kris Ruhs. Hanging Garden, installation view at
Galerie Azzedine Alaïa, Paris

Kris Ruhs

Kris Ruhs’ sculpture exhibition ‘The Sculptural Terrace’ at
the Carla Sozzani Gallery,  Milan, Italy.

Kris Ruhs’ jewellery at 10 Corso Como.

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