Spotlight on HYEWON JANG

Today is Artist spotlight on a beautiful person, artist Hyewon Jang,

Hyewon is originally from Korea , but a true world travelers. There is a little “je ne sais quoi” that is very feminine and delicate in her work that shows her full attention to details and dedication to beauty in it’s pure form. She works discreetly with intensity and suddenly unknown to other artists in the studio, unveils the most amazing jewellery to adorn women in an effortless class!

These being said Hyewon jewellery also reflect her strong personality and inspiration from her travels including some pieces inspired by buildings around the world.


See for yourself….

I am particularly sensitive to her rings representing the Eiffel Tower as well as the Sydney Opera house having lived in both these beautiful cities myself.

Looking forward to see her next pieces as Hyewon never fails to amaze me with her talent!

Come and see some more of her jewellery at Jewel Envy and you might take one home with you! I would certainly recommend it!

Ivane Thiebaut

Upcoming Exhibition! Craft Ontario : Materialize

September 23 – November 28
Materialize in an upcoming exhibition presented by Craft Ontario is the third annual juried collection of emerging work. It will be taking place a :
Juried by Denis Longchamps and Janna Hiemstra, the exhibition will include the work of :
Alex Kinsley
Amanda Gresik
Andrée Chénier
Anne-Sophie Vallée
Brittany MacDougall
Cassic Ho
ChengOu Yu
Emma Chorostecki
Karla Rivera
Kristian Spreen
Joon Hee Kim
Pasha Moezzi
Nurielle Stern
Reid Ferguson
Richard Chan
Tammy McClennan
 Tammy McClennan
Component Necklace #2
sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, wood, powdercoat, acrylic medium, coloured pencil

Spotlight on Jerell

Hello Readers,

We have been anxiously awaiting work from Jerell for a while now and I’m excited to say we finally have it! It will be out on display this week. This ring is a sneak peak of her new line. We only have a few of these and each one is unique so be sure to come in and be the first to get your hands on one while we cross our fingers more will be available soon!

I have seen the sketches for the rest of this line and they are fabulous!!!


Getting back into the studio this month!

Hello Readers,

As some of you may know I had a baby this June so I took a brief break from bench work leading up to her arrival and a little time after to bond. The problem is as the owner of Jewel Envy and someone who is used to working 60 plus hours a week I am finding the not working just as difficult as not holding my baby all day long. I know these are dilemma’s all new moms must deal with and resolve to keep a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I have been lucky enough that my husband has been able to take a paternity leave to let me get back into the swing of working. I feel confident she is in good hands with daddy but that will soon change as he goes back to work and we look for a little outside help.

Since being back in the studio I have already completed a custom diamond ring and started sketches of new work for an exhibition so I do feel I am on the right track. Now if only I could get a little more sleep things would seem to fall into perfect place :o)


Hello Sunday readers,

Relationships link us together.  Even with the diversity of the resident
goldsmiths at Jewel Envy, we are drawn together by high minded ideas such as
design and the everyday pleasure of working side-by-side. 
One of these incredible, talented goldsmiths is Judith
Noldin.  From the first day she joined
the studio, I noticed that she is a great soul–and this translates into her
work.  Judith’s proficiency goes from music to the
most complicated repair to the most gorgeous piece of jewelry.
A great example of her incredible work is this pendant with
a hidden coral in a drum with a black pearl. Don’t miss the cut-out detailing.
She works with unusual stones, as you can see in the two next rings.
Both in 18 karats gold, one with a green-red Lakeshore gem and the other with an Snowflake Obsidian gem.
They are simple, delicate and classic. 
If they speak to you, drop in and try them to indulge yourself.
Have a great Sunday!

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Fans (and geeks) Unite!

Back in the day when I first started playing dungeons and dragons, and watching Dr. Who (I named my cat Tegan after a character in Tom Baker’s version),  sci-fi fans quietly celebrated their fandom If you were lucky you stumbled upon a fellow fan and furtively exchanged recent Dr. Who plot lines and tips for developing your D&D characters.

Fast forward to 2016. Sci-fi and game play have muscled its their way into popular culture thanks to millions of fans not afraid to embrace their love for all things quirky and worthy of fanatic followers.

Here at Jewel Envy we have several resident goldsmiths that are fans of sci-fi, fantasy and games.  Lucky for us, goldsmith Amanda Henderson has brought together her love of jewellery and fandom to create stunning work under her signature company Jewelust.

Jewelust’s “Crack in Time and Space” ring in Sterling silver is a nod to the latest Dr. Who series.

Amanda’s work is unique and timeless, incorporating both craftsmanship of
handmade jewellery and her own interpretation of fan culture.

Amanda’s gorgeous interpretation of Elvish culture can be seen in the Sterling silver rings .

Fondly remember your Nintendo days? You can wear Jewelust’s Sterling silver (with diamond!) Gameboy around your neck.

You can see more of Amanda’s sci-fi and gaming inspired jewellery at this year’s Toronto Fan Expo  September 1-4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where she will be in Artist Alley with Zsolt Szekely her collaborator in Fandom Regalia.

One last peak at Amanda’s work–below are the Rupee Rings–her hommage to Zelda. 

Jewelust’s Rupee Rings in 10-karat yellow and rose gold yours for the taking at Fan Expo 2016

 See you at Fan Expo!


Save or Splurge! At Jewel Envy

 If I had a million dollars…

I would buy every piece of art jewellery I fell in love with.  And trust me that’s a lot of jewellery! 

Luckily many goldsmiths and ALL of our resident goldsmiths at Jewel Envy have grand statement pieces that you can splurge on and more economical versions of the same work that you can save on (and saving money means more money for art jewellery!)

With the wealth of choices between save and splurge items at Jewel Envy, you will never have to do without! Take a look at goldsmith Tammy McClennan’s incredible hollow form and powder coated necklaces below. You can make a statement with the trityptic of powder-coated brass and wood or quieter statement with Tammy’s  pebble-shaped, powder-coated brass necklace.


Hola Helena!!

Hey guys! Today there’s a bit of a goldsmith spotlight on one of our goldsmiths here at the studio, Helena Perez Lafaurie. She works primarily in sterling silver, and her work ranges from chunky and textured to delicate and fanciful.
Here are some of her lovely pieces that you might not have seen before.
Remember how I said chunky and textured??! The large and in charge ring on the left is just the perfect example of this. It is a statement piece, but not too overwhelming that you can’t wear it on the daily. The ring has a split on the back side too, which makes the ring slightly adjustable, and much more comfortable. It will develop a wonderful contrasting patina over time as well, and really emphasize the texture. This ring is a great contrast to the simpler, and more classic style of the wedding bands.
And now for the delicate and fanciful. I guess this stylized bow necklace isn’t overly delicate, but it is more feminine and it definitely strikes me as fanciful:)) There is little stone offset, in the perfect shade of purple. 

And now these pearl cone earrings. The angular and geometric shape of the cones have been softened by the more natural edges curling away to reveal the pretty pearls. The cones have gold wire wrapping as well, which serve as a great contrast in colour, and add a lot of texture and depth.
Helena has a lot more on display here at the studio, so make sure to stop by and take a look at her work! Of course, she is always happy to discuss custom work as well:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope to see you soon!

Future Heirloom

I have been anxiously awaiting posting this amazing custom engagement ring that I finished. It is a 14kt nickel white gold ring with .9ct cognac diamond in the center of a sunflower design with 24 diamonds along the perimeter and shoulders of the ring. Take a look!

The ring was handmade by me, Alexis Kostuk of glaciale goldsmith (the Manager here at Jewel Envy). You can check out process pics of how I created the ring on my personal blog and instagram.

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