Spotlight on Jerell Reichert

Dear Readers,
Happy Shop Saturday!
Today I want to introduce you to the original and incredible
work of Jerell Reichert.
Bangles in every shape and irregular forms, with or without
texture, wide or narrow, open at the back or closed, just to enjoy!
Jerell has hand-forged each of these bracelets by hand, working the
metal bit by bit, using fold-forming and anti-classic techniques.

                                                                    Sterling Silver
                                             Close Wire Bangle. High Dome Cuff. Cable 1/2

                                                     Chased Wide Cuff, Sterling Silver

Each piece is unique and there are much more to see and
appreciate at the store –  like this lovely brooch in Sterling Silver.

                                                            Leaf Pin, Sterling Silver

Have a nice Saturday!


Wear food (yes, food!)

I ran across the work of self described “kitchensmith” Rachel Shimpock on Instagram. She uses a technique called electroforming which deposits layers of metal (copper) onto objects. She prepares selected pieces of food through electroforming then enamels or uses powdercoating to add colour on the metal surface. Check out some of her work below (and click on links to her website/Insta above as well!)

I saw in her recent Instagram feed that she is making some bagels… I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Especially as someone who consumes a LOT of Seventh Sister Bakery bagels ;o) – Alexis

Toast Bracelet by Rachel Shimpock
Chip Earrings by Rachel Shimpock

Celery Brooch by Rachel Shimpock

Wing Brooch by Rachel Simpock

Veggie Dip Brooch by Rachel Shimpock

Special Event Sunday!

                                                       Special Event Sunday

 Our window displays are constantly evolving, they are currently showcasing a variety of work by goldsmith Alexis Kustok. 

                                                            She and Him 
The fist display features two pendants, both a male and female silhouette. The pendants themselves are made from copper with coloured flocking, hung from a sterling silver chain.

*These pendants are also available in alternative colours and sizes upon request.



In this display we see hand carved initial pendants in both bold and cursive fonts. The pendants themselves are made from sterling silver and hung from a sterling silver chain.

* Also available in alternative metals, sizes, fonts, and letters for customization

                                                              Dora Loves Doughnuts


The final display features a sterling silver shark pendent with diamond set eyes, accompanied by a sterling silver chain.

* Also available as earring or cufflinks with the option of alternative gems, or without.

 Come by the big blue house and find out how you can make one of these beautiful pieces unique to you!


Happy Shop Saturday all!
Today I want to introduce you to the Balls (to the wall!) stacking collection by Pash Jewellery Design, by Gillian Batcher. Each piece is sold individually, and there are more than a few ways to customize these ballsy beauties to make your stack as lovely and original as you.
In the image above, there are the rings in various metals and karats, with different stones as accents. And don’t forget about the pendant! Sterling silver, vermeil (which is gold-plated sterling), 10k rose gold, 14k palladium white gold, sterling silver with pave diamonds on one ball, 10k rose gold with pave sapphires on one ball, etc… The pricing ranges from $195 all the way up to $750. You can splurge on everything all at once, or build this collection one piece at a time. 
And if that wasn’t enough to think about, I will also invite you to close your eyes, and imagine other custom options… Personally, I would choose a stack of three rings – 14k yellow gold with pave diamonds on every ball, 14k rose gold with black pave diamonds on every ball, and then finally 14k palladium white gold with pave emeralds. Or maybe sapphires?

It’s so hard to decide! Drop by the studio this weekend and try a few on for yourself, we’re always open Saturdays and Sundays. See you soon!

Online shop

Dear Sunday Readers,

Previously our online shop has featured three of our great
goldsmiths, Jewelust by Amanda Henderson, Atelier J by Micheline Roi, and It
Jewelry Design by Ivane Thiebaut. Their
incredible and original designs are available at Jewel Envy.

Our next artist in our
online shop is Pash Jewellery Design by Gillian E. Batcher. Three great pieces
will be available for you to enjoy! This line has been in production by Pash
Jewellery Design for over ten years.  Her
well known creativity adds new and bright ideas to these original and unique

1. Fan Twig Earrings with Ombre Gold Plating – sterling silver,
24K gold plating. The earrings are made in matched pairs but each one is a
little different and no two pairs are ever alike. The earrings hang
approximately 60mm from the top of the hook.  


2. 6 Square Twig Necklace: Sterling silver – comes on a 16” chain
but you are able to request 18” for the same price. Each square will be a
little different in size and shape but they are all around 30mm x 30mm.


3. Twig Ring: Sterling silver – comes in any requested ring size.
Be aware this shape is unusual but very comfortable. It will measure a minimum
of 1 ring size smaller on a ring mandrel but will fit the way the size ordered
fits. It is because of the “u” shape of the shank that it fits this way. There
are ten rows of twigs in each ring and each row will be a little different with
no two rings ever the same. The rings are approximately 15mm deep and the width
on your figure changes based on the ring size.

Buy online, stop by the studio, or
call to make an appointment, Jewel Envy is always ready to serve you!
Have a nice Sunday!

Wear a fairy tale

I am continuing my exhibition of jewellery artists that I admire: Anna Talbot

Each piece is a wearable illustration combining anodised aluminium, wood veneer, brass, gilding metal and silver. I often incorporate stories into pieces while creating them so you can see immediately why I am drawn to her work. There is also Anna’s use of colour – if you are combining the entire rainbow into one piece you have my eyeballs hooked, especially when they are this beautiful.

Check out this article to discover more about Anna and her work.  – Alexis

I included a title for each piece when I could find it – otherwise it was a bit difficult because she is VERY prolific.

Norwegian Wood by Anna Talbot.

Oh my deer by Anna Talbot

Sleeping Pill Beauty by Anna Talbot

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