Artist Spotlight on Hyewon Jang

Today artists spotlight is on  Hyewon Jang

Working along Hyewon in the studio is always a pleasure
as she is has an inner peace and happiness that transpires to people around
her. Hyewon is a true aesthete with a profound sense of appreciation of beauty
in nature, art and architecture. Every year she is lucky to travel
to Europe and attend design shows in Italy.
Hyewon pieces are a reflection of her attention to
details, her travels, and her inner strength combined with her soft and
feminine side.
Part of her recent collection is representative of this in my
view and so are her pieces combining silver and pearls as shown in the picture below.  
Do come and visit us at Jewel Envy to see more of this amazing collection and others from Hyewon!
Remember to stop next time you walk by the Blue House!

Love in the air!

Valentine’s is around the corner!

Did you know Valentine’s day origins are of Christians and Romans traditions. It’s a time a to celebrate love and romance. Handmade cards became the “token-du-jour only” in the middle ages and it’s only in 1900 that the tradition came to the “New World”. Then cards started to be mass produced in the US. The older Valentine’s poem was written  back  in1415 by the Duke of Orleans to his wife as his was prisoner in the Tower of London. This letter can still be found at the British Library in London.  Today over 1 billion Valentine cards are being sent every year!

Let’s get back into the tradition of having something handmade!
Come and meet the jewelers at Jewel Envy and have something made just for you or your loved one!

The secret to Jewellery Success!

The secret to Jewellery Success!

One jeweller-many roles!

When becoming a jewellery designer one imagines sitting quietly in your very own studio sketching ideas followed by bringing your sketches to life effortlessly after which your adoring (and wealthy!) customers flock to you to buy every piece as soon as you make them.

The reality–as always–is different than the dream.  A successful jeweller wears many hats: designer; maker; bench jeweller for others; jewellery repair-person; wedding-band maker…in short, a  jack-of-a-trades.

It is hard to get the balance right but when you do–success!  As a resident goldsmith of Jewel Envy, I have been very fortunate to learn this by watching one of our successful goldsmiths, Amanda Henderson, in action.

Amanda fits the formula for successful jeweller to a T: she designs and manufactures for a friend’s jewellery business, she teaches, she does custom work, and she designs and makes jewellery for her two, yes, you read that right, TWO jewellery lines: Jewelust and Fandom Regalia (with her art partner Zsolt Szekely).

In her latest work Amanda has, “embraced her inner (or maybe outer) geek,” in her Elf Deco line.

Elf Deco Necklace in Sterling silver by Jewelust

Elf Deco Earrings in Sterling silver by Jewelust

If you are interested in seeing Amanda’s work in person you can find her work at Jewel Envy, 151 Marion  Street, Toronto, or at one of the many shows she does.  She will be exhibiting (and selling) at two shows this summer at Wychwood barns, 601 Christie St, July 22 + Aug 19, 8am-2pm.

I don’t know how Amanda does it, but she does, and it is a joy to witness!



Hello friends! Hope you are having a wondering February. If you’re anything like me, you’re just glad that January is out of the way, because that month was a real stinker.
But onwards and upwards! Pretty excited about the sunshine today (even though it’s freezing), and also really excited about today’s save vs splurge.
It’s a 3-parter though, because these pieces are all from the same collection by Mia Shen, goldsmith-in-residence. The pieces are geometric, but the shapes are surprising and eye-catching, and make good use of negative space. The texture is is very tactile and adds a lot of depth, and contrasts amazingly well with the non-textured, high-polished areas.
 First up are these drop-stud earrings. Really amazing shape, and great use of balanced asymmetry, a term we used often in jewellery school haha. These are at a low, save-save-save price of $180.
 Ooooh this ring! It’s so great, it almost looks like an object you want to keep in your pocket so you can touch it throughout the day:) The cinched sides lets it sit very comfortably, without getting in the way of your other fingers. This one is middle-of-the-road at $295.
Last but not least is this toggle bracelet. It is substantial and has a
lot of visual dimension, but it isn’t heavy or clunky at all. This beauty comes in at a cool splurge-worthy $640.
So spend a little or spend a lot (or spend it all!), whatever suits your fancy!
Enjoy your weekend!!!! xx

The Classics

The Classics Revisited

Is there anything that is really considered classic in jewellery?

Maybe  are there no real classics, just the style of the day?  A la Mode?

I have been staying in a lot during these cold, dark short snowy winter days.  Hibernating and watching movies and award shows

Turner Classic Movies are such an inspiration.  Hollywood Glam.  Netflicks’ The Crown shows Queen Elizabeth coming to age.  Royalty.  BlockBusters – The New Hollywood –

When I think about the classics I think about pearls.  Long before the discovery of diamonds and platinum pearls were the most valued gem in the world.

According to the Cultured Pearl Association of America Inc.  Ulster, Size, Shape, Colour, Nacre Thickness and Surface Quality are the factors that determine the value of the pearl.

I would also add in to this the variety of Pearl/Origin Salt Water – VS Fresh Water Pearls. Virtually all pearls today are cultured.

What does this mean?  Man introduces a seed or a bead usually round into a a BiValue mollusk.  The bivalve forms a coating around the bead called a Nacre.  In a natural pearl, a pieces of sand or debris enters the bivalve naturally and the nacre is formed.  This does not happen very often so, seed are planted in the oysters.

Natural Pearls Value:  Cartier purchased his building on Fifth Avenue in NYC with two  matching natural pearls.

While single, double and triple strand pearls are still the ultimate in classic jewellery,

pearls incorporated into contemporary designs offer the best of both worlds.

This series will continue to talk about choosing a classic strand of pearls worth of handing down to future generations.

New Designs growing in the quiet of January

New Designs growing in the quiet of January

Helena Perez Lafaurie’s new work

January is a quiet time for
goldsmiths.  The Christmas rush is over
and Valentine’s Day seems a long way off. 
But don’t let our quietness fool you. 
Like so many things in winter we are working quietly away in the dark
and cold ready to spring forth with new growth.
One such goldsmith is Helena Pérez
Lafaurie. She has spent January working on new pieces for her eponymous
jewellery line. Like many of us Helena can’t keep her mind off of the warmth
and sun of Spring and this can be seen in her new work called, of course,

“Spring” bracelet in silver and Agatha, length 7
inches, price $165

“Spring” necklace in silver and Agatha, length 33
inches, price $220

 The line was inspired by the agate
stones seen in both the necklace and bracelet, “The agate looks like blossoms
to me, I miss the spring so much, the flowers, the sun…,”she trails off, misty
eyed.  Between you and me, I think the
line is inspired by her soon-to-be-born first grandson!
Helena’s second set of new pieces is
called “Charms.” As all of us at Jewel Envy can testify, Helena LOVES little
things that shine and make noises.

Necklace in silver, length 33 inches,
price $166
Bracelet in silver, length 7 inches,
price $105
When Helena is in the studio, her ever-present
stacked silver bracelets are in constant movement and making sound much like
this new necklace and bracelet will when worn—they are sure to attract the
attention of the new grandson!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Sunday Readers,



Today is Artist Spotlight on Ivane Thiebaut.

Envy is participating in the Toronto Offsite Design Festival with an
exhibition called “Building Blocks.” This exhibition runs until January
31 this year.  You are very welcome to take a look of our basement
windows on Roncesvalles. They will be showing great and unique pieces
from the goldsmith at the studio.
of this pieces is a pendant made by Ivane Thiebaut, French from birth
and Canadian from marriage, she brings her shining and very personal
sense of design
to her jewellery line.
lovely pendant called “Mother Earth” is made by hand and is an
incredible medallion in mist blues and shows her finest and very
personal work.

You can see her at her best in her Web site, “color, and materials are joined together in a beautiful adornment for you to wear everywhere, everyday…”

These three lovely pieces and more can be seen if you come to visit her at the studio.

Stop by, say hello, and support your small local businesses!
Have a happy Sunday!

Micheline Roi

Today is Artist Spotlight on Michelin Roi of AtelierJcontemporary

Micheline is a talented and true Canadian artist!

She started her career as a classical music composer for 25 years and transposed her passion
toward jewellery. She is a dedicated jeweler with passion for details and
beauty to adorn women with unique and magnificent objects of beauty.

She is always exploring and learning new techniques and her attention to details is amazing…she is a perfectionist and you can rest assure that all her jewellery are perfect for you to wear! Micheline is also a really lovely and bubbling lady full of joy and happiness! Whenever she is working here at JE the studio is filled with laughter, and when she is not we do miss her!

You can follow her on her Etsy
shop AtelierJcontemporary and if located in Toronto, you can admire and try her
jewellery in the shop here at Jewel Envy on Marion Street in the artistic area on Roncesvalles (‘Roncy” for the locals).

Here area few of the sample of work that we currently have at JewelEnvy,
I personally have my eyes set on those amazing black beauties above, which include gold leafs and gemstones.

Looking forward to meeting you in person at Jewel Envy!

Ivane Thiebaut


Hi all! It’s a beautiful (and very chilly) Sunday afternoon here at the studio, and I thought I would warm you up by showing off some pretty sterling pieces by resident goldsmith Jerell Reichert.
These bracelets are not only beautiful, but a great example of metal forming. That’s right, the detail and texture and shapes that you see are the hard work of a little lady with a big hammer. Jerell has hand-forged each of these bracelets by hand, working the metal bit by bit, using fold-forming and anti-clastic techniques. All in sterling silver, top to bottom $640, $295, $395.
 These long earrings are so simple, but they look great on and they are light as a feather, too. The spheres have a perfect matte finish that almost look like pearls in the right lighting. Sterling silver $115.
 These bean pendants remind me of Barbapapa, in a round and squiggly kind of way:) The top bean has a black diamond accent, the middle bean has a pink tourmaline, and the bottom piece is classic. All sterling silver on silver chains, top to bottom $190, $180, $130.
These band rings are pretty bubbly too, with the pattern running all the way around. More barbapapa feelings:) Sterling silver, left to right $125, $115.
Come by and say hi to Jerell, and see what else she has going on!
Stay warm out there:) xx
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