15 fun and informative gemstone facts!

Today I wanted to share some interesting gemstone facts that will (hopefully) be of interest to you and also solve some questions you were afraid to ask!.

Here we go:

1- Gemstones are categorized in 3: Precious Gemstones, like diamonds, rubies and sapphires come in this category; Semi-precious Gemstones, like garnet, alexandrite and peridot; and the last is Organic Gemstones, this special category is for non mineral gemstone materials like amber, pearls and ivory.

2- Precious and Semiprecious stones are defined by the scarcity and value of the mineral.

3- The color of mineral stones varies from stone to stone due to the uneven concentrations of the chemical components present inside the crystalline formation, this makes every single gemstone unique.

4- Some gemstones are exposed to different procedures to enhance their color, but some of this procedures lowers the value of the gemstones.

5- Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone was the Peridot, the queen favored green gemstones.

Related image

6- Garnets were given their name due to their similarity with the pomegranate’s red seeds.

7- Gemstone hardness is measured by a number on a system called Mohs Scale, diamonds are perfect 10, they are the hardest gemstone and only another diamond can scratch it; the softest being amber with a rating of 2, pretty easily scratched and it even floats in salt water!

8- Pearls are product of different layers of closed mollusk’s saliva on grains of sand and other external agents that make their way inside the clams mouth, they take a lot of time to form.

9- Star sapphires and rubies are rare occurrences, a 6 pointed star appears as a shine on the top of the stone due to the presence of rutiles inside.

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10- Gemstones can be made in laboratories under controlled circumstances.

11- Contrary to popular believe, lab gemstones are not fake, they have the same components of the natural occurring ones, and are perfect alternatives for mined gemstones; if you find a gemstone too expensive, go for lab gems!

12- And talking about star sapphires, they can also be made in a laboratory.

Image result for tourmaline13- Opals and Tourmaline are known as the most colorful gemstones, Opals hold an array of colors inside due to light refraction on their components, and Tourmaline can come in every color possible.

14- And going back to Opals, its very beneficial to wear them next to your skin, Opals have water inside and the moisture of your skin keeps them from drying and cracking.

15- Amethyst, the beautiful purple stone and one of my favorites, was once considered a precious gemstone, related to royalty, but then huge amounts were discovered in Brazil, lowering it’s price and rarity considerably.

I hope you had fun reading some gemstone facts, we will share more in the future!

Mauricio F.

 Introducing Jessica!

Jessica Nehme, one of our newer goldmiths, joined our team at Jewel Envy in 2017. She is over-the-moon excited as she is currently in process of preparing a line of pieces to display in our studio. Her designs are inspired by her passion in studying world religions, metaphysics, spirituality, sacred geometry and nature.

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Custom Orders, 

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of my lovely customer wanted three brooches. She was thinking of something with
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me personally making this brooch was something new, and I tried a few methods
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 are a few of the pictures (I really need to make a mental note to myself
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I love the opportunity to give you a quick and
illustrative information about casting with one of my own pieces.
In the lost wax casting process, the casting in
created using a centrifuge.

Ones the wax model has been invested in a flask
mold (you can see more than one wax on the pic bellow), it’s embedded in
investment plaster, then the wax is eliminated from the mold by heat, after
been on the kiln for than 8 hours, the flask mold in mounted on the centrifuge
in a crucible in which metal is pour in an amount sufficient to fill the mold.

wax tree

covering with plaster


The centrifuge does its work and after a couple of
minutes you can take the flask and poured it on the water.
The result is amazing, you have now the pieces in
metal ready to be attached and polish!
casted pieces

casted pieces cut apart

The final piece of jewelry is done! do not miss the
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process in jewelry making!
finished piece!

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Fall coloured gems

I love LOVE love LOVE love LOOOOOOve fall! If fall were a gemstone my pick would be garnet. I made a collage from images I found on google of the range of garnet colours to show off garnet’s potential as the official gemstone of fall.

Green is tsavorite garnet, orange is spessatite garnet, red is almandine, purple is rhodolite.

 There are so many different variations of red garnets specifically and most people associate garnets with a red coloured gem, there are also other colours! I love letting people know about less common colours – such as the bright green of tsavorite garnets, or the range of orange hues found in spessartite garnets.

What would you choose as the gemstone of fall?

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