To learn more about moonstones check out GIA’s description  

Visit out Instagram to take a look at a beautiful pair of earrings featuring moonstones.

And as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help you track down the perfect moonstone (or any other gem) to create a custom piece of jewellery for you. 

*all pics were found on google, with specific details noted on a couple.

This shield shape is gorgeous and one of a kind, found through here

Pic from GIA


Stacking rings and inspiration for a Saturday!

Happy Saturday, readers!

I thought I’d talk a bit about one of my
favourite British jewellers, Wendy Ramshaw,


who passed away at the beginning of this
year. Wendy was a very successful goldsmith with a distinctive style, and you can find her pieces all over the world.


taken from:


There are a lot of things that I
like and admire about her work, but what I remember and think about the most are her
iconic stacking rings that she made to be stored on unique
lathe-turned pillars. Here are a few examples:
taken from:


taken from:




Aren’t they amazing?  If you have a chance to see her work in
person, I really recommend it.
Stacking rings remain very popular. They’re
great because they offer a multitude of different configurations, and whenever
I see them, I think of Wendy Ramshaw.
Here are some examples from the studio:


Visit the studio to check out our selection of stacking rings, learn to make your own, or commission some of your own unique rings!


Happy Sunday Jewel Envy Followers!

Happy Sunday Jewel Envy Followers!

Its Jess here, and I’m back today with blog #2 of the weekend. I’m a fan of tradition and since yesterday’s post was about the folklore and mythology of my absolute favourite gemstone, I figured I would stick to the theme and give you some background on another fan favourite of mine…..drumroll….Amazonite!

A true beauty, soft, semi-opaque, and a blueish turquoise hue, reminding me of the waters of a deserted island, Amazonite is a stone associated with the throat chakra. This is the part of our energy body that we associate with effective communication. It is said that wearing Amazonite will help to enhance your ability to delivery presentations, negotiate and have impactful conversations.

Legends have it that Amazonite was originally found in the Amazon river (hence the name). The coolest part of the mythology to me is it’s association with the fierce mythical warrior women- the Amazons. These women were a force to be reckoned with, adorning the Amazonite stone on their sheilds during battle, they believed that it gave them the ability to heal and protect. This is why it is referred to as the stone of feminine power and courage.

So you may want to think about incorporating a piece of Amazonite in your jewellery box, ready to go for those days you want to embody that warrior spirit or need just that little extra boost of courage for the day! If you would like that custom piece of courage made just for you, come in and see us! We’ve got you covered 🙂

Thanks for stopping by Sunday Readers! This was a fun journey for me into my love for gemstones and mythology this weekend – see you again next month! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂



Labradorite: The Legend of the Northern Lights

Today’s blog post is about my absolute FAVOURITE gemstone – Labradorite. 🙂 Not only am I in serious love with the luminescence,
majestic and shimmering nature of the stone, but  I also love the
legends and history behind it.

Labradorite was first found in 1770 by Morovian
missionaries in the Isle of Paul, near Nain Labrador, Canada.
Thus, the gem was named as such ‘Labradorite’. The gem has made its way to Europe in the 18
th century and became extremely popular, as no 2 pieces are identical, it was highly coveted and valued in jewelry in England and France. 

According to the Eskimo Inuit and the Native American
Innu of Labrador, legend has it that in the ancient times, the Aurora Borealis were
entombed within the rocks on the shoreline of Labrador. One day, an Inuit
warrior found it, and struck the rocks with his spear, and the lights exploded into sky, creating what we know today as the Northern Lights. However,  he wasn’t
able to free all of them, which is why today we are blessed with the stone of the lights, Labradorite.

Another legend claims that a Mighty Being
would stroke the rocks in order to travel to the sky. Norse mythology states that the
Northern Lights were created by gods and were meant to be freed to be a
bridge to the heavens. In Oriental culture, it was called the “phenomenal gem” to be worn on
Saturdays. There’s also a myth that the lights
inside Labradorite are aliens or evolved beings trying to connect to us. 
Whatever you may or may not believe, I think we can all agree on one thing, the stone is stunning. Maybe if I wear it enough, I will get magical powers too! 

Happy Shimmering Saturday to all of you! I’m here all weekend, stop by!


Michelle from Edmonton

Hello! My first blog post with Jewel Envy will be about….ME!

I’m Michelle, Of Mich Matched Metals.

My partner and I have relocated to Toronto from Edmonton! He is  here to study and I am here to adventure and build my little business.

I’ve been in the studio for a couple weeks now. Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to! I’m currently working on my Sport collection and Infinity Peak Collection, with a few custom pieces thrown in. I will be sure to share when they are complete!

Have a great Wednesday!

Alternative Materials in Jewelry.

Hello Sunday Readers,

Personal jewelry preferences
used to be simple: platinum or gold and diamonds; rubies, emeralds, sapphires
and some precious gemstones. No more. Today, high jewelry can
include unconventional materials, they are many times combined with
precious stones, like diamonds, rubies, and more.
A combination of unconventional materials
transcends all boundaries of creativity giving birth of works of art.
The point is to mix precious metals with
non-precious, to add components like wood, plastic, glass, resins, etc., and
created unique and beautiful jewelry.
The contemporary jewelry is sourced from thousands
of years of history and research and designers continue to use
precious  metals  and
stones  as  the
essence  of  the product,
but renewing, reinventing and experimenting with  new materials,  techniques and concepts.  The result of this innovation is the
surprising list of different materials, enabling the magnitude of shapes and
An incredible example of this news techniques is
the work of Vera Wei.
Vera’s pieces in the windows on Roncevalles
at Jewel Envy are a display of imagination, fine work and unique design.
Vera Wei was born in China and then studied in the United States
before completing her major in jewellery with a minor in photography in the
Material Art and Design program at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.
Vera Wei’s Wood-ball Earrings.
Vera specializes in a minimalist approach while integrating
mechanical and kinetic characteristics into her jewellery pieces. She loves
combining alternative and traditional materials to produce jewellery pieces
that redefine modernity and fashion.


Vera Wei’s Origami Ring
She believes each piece of jewellery has a significant story
embedded and it is up to the public and wearer to interpret the artists’
intention through observation, wear and touch.
Enjoy her incredible work and the work of the goldsmiths at
Jewel Envy.
Have a nice Sunday

Gem discovery in Canada and a national treasure

I search for gems a lot through google, so every once in a while information about gemstones pops up in my news feed. I came across a great article about the discovery of cobalt blue spinel deposits on Baffin Island. Although spinels come in a variety of colours the intensity of these natural deposits are amazing (and incredibly rare), take a look:


 I wanted to include another image on this post so I googled gemstones of Canada and came across ammolite. 
Ammolite cabochons ready to set in pieces of jewellery
Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone. Ammolite is the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta and is considered a Canadian National Treasure. – Alexis
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