One Week Until Christmas!

The holidays are here – I can hardly believe how quickly Christmas is approaching!

Come visit us at Jewel Envy to finish off your holiday shopping ūüéá

Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean it can’t be both personal and meaningful; because we feature the works of many different designers, we have a unique selection of styles and price-points to choose from.

Below are some new one-of-a-kind pieces by Maddie, currently available in the shop:

Sterling Silver Loop Studs
Sterling Silver Fused Pendant
Sterling Silver Hoops

Earrings for Everyone!

We have an amazing selection of jewellery in the store and especially earrings! If you’re looking for gifts for the earring lover in your life we have earrings to suit every price point starting at $30! We have pasta themed earrings, leaf themed earrings, earrings with felt, earrings with gemstones. gold earrings, dangle earrings and tiny studs! Come see us in person this week and knock some gifts off your list!

Introducing the “Focus” Line

Jennifer Trotman, one of our goldsmith members, has been working on a new line of “dream driven” rings, which are now available in our studio’s retail store. This line is based on a simple idea – stay focused on your dream.

Many of us have vision boards, or other ways to inspire us and remind us of the things in life we want to manifest. However, once those visual reminders are out of sight, they can be out of mind.

Jennifer’s vision is two-fold. One, a beautiful, easy to wear ring that helps to stay focused when making decisions about time, money everyday, all day. The second way it works is that, as a gift, it is a constant reminder of love and support as your loved one works towards their dream.

Our dreams and goals are varied and individual as we are, but the Focused line has launched with three:

Focus: Writing a Book

Focus: Graduating

Focus: Creating a Clothing Line

More goals will be launched soon, so if you do not see yours, feel free to send an inquiry to Jennnifer.

Many jewellery pieces are dedicated to celebrating a goal accomplished, but Focus jewellery aims to keep you on track, and they look great just as beautiful stacking rings.

We currently have them in Sterling silver and yellow gold, so drop by soon and have a look

Animal Vegetable Mineral Highlights

I want to share some images of the recent Animal Vegetable Mineral exhibition here in Toronto of which I was a part of. This fantastic exhibition was curated by Melanie Egan and brought together Canadian and Nordic artists to buck traditional ideas of ‘fine jewellery’. These are just a few highlights from the exhibition!

M√°ret √Ānne Sara in collaboration with Matt Lambert
Anna Rikkinen
Anna Rikkinen
Catherine Sheedy
Helena Johansson Lindel


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Just in time for Holiday Shopping, our goldsmiths at Jewel Envy have stocked our display bubbles with gorgeous new pieces.

Whether you have been eyeing a favourite all year and hoping to see variations, or you have been waiting on fresh options as a sign to start your gift-getting, we have the sparkle to inspire you.

From our established artists to our new members, the new pieces we put out today run the gauntlet of skill and style, wish-lists and price-points.

We are open until 6pm today, and would love to guide you through the showroom, so drop-by and let us impress you.

Jack Donovan Jewelry

Hi, my name is Jack Donovan and I am the newest member here at Jewel Envy. I have been working as a solo jeweler for the last ten years. It’s an exciting change for me to be in a space where I’m surrounded by so much creative energy and such a great team of talented artists.

Rhiannon Ring, Pink Tourmaline and 14kt Gold

My current work is inspired by the gold and silver work of antiquity, blended with modern gem cuts and engraving techniques.

Slim Oval Signet Ring in 14kt Gold

December is known as the month for giving and thinking about others; this year Jewel Envy is doing something extra special

One of our resident goldsmiths, Shafiq Sarwari, has been trying to help his family leave Afganistan safely for a number of years.

For those following the crisis the need for support is great, and the opportunities to initiate change have seemingly insurmountable barriers to effect it. If you know the goldsmiths of Jewel Envy well, you know we are a family and when one is in need, we all try to help.

It is with this background that I, and other amazing people in our community have stepped up to form an official Group of 5 Sponsorship to help Shafiq’s family to come to Canada. Our paperwork has been submitted and now we wait to see if it is approved!

We will be asking our community to support fundraising events when we are further along in this process but for the month of December, Gillian, the owner of Jewel Envy, and her husband will be *matching 20% of all December sales towards their sponsorship.

We know it is a year where budgets may be limited and choices need to be made about where to spend money. If you are looking to spend in places where those dollars will help the most come and shop with us!

All of the jewellery sold here is made by our on-site goldsmiths so you will be supporting both your local economy and Shafiq’s family who are currently refuges in Pakistan, dreaming of living somewhere without persecution of their beliefs, especially those around equality for the women and girls in the family.

*funds will be matched up to a maximum of $10 000

Come warm yourself by the fire….

I was walking in this morning, and the weather was dreadful (I was soaked by the time arrived!). You’d never know it now, it’s very sunny as I look outside.

As I was walking in, I thought it was a good time to remind you that we’re doing a collaboration, or feature of something different in the store….these Campfire Kiss candles by Eric Petersen. I’m not going to go into the whole story here, but if you’re interested, you can read the whole thing here: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.

The Campfire Kiss burns for 50 hours!

I have to admit, I’m not usually a big fan of frangrances, and campfire has never been one of my favourite smells, but this one, is amazing. The fragrance is not overpowering, and rather than irritating, it calls to mind the amazing experiences that have happened for me at or near campfires! Evocative of coziness and home, I bet it would cocoon you in its loveliness too!

You can buy them in our online shop, and pick up in the studio. Come in and check it out!

Stay dry!


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