A Bead of Appreciation

Sometimes when I tell people I make jewellery I get this response:

“Oh, so you like bead and whatever?”
It’s a strange attitude I come across every once and awhile that beaded jewellery is somehow…unimpressive. Typically no, that’s not what I do. Even though it’s how I started out making jewellery (that and embroidery floss knotted friendship bracelets) I actually find it more difficult to incorporate beads into the current style of jewellery that I make than ever before. I personally think it takes talent to find a way to include beads in finer and contemporary jewellery not to mention the skills required to make intricate beaded jewellery.
I walk into a jeweller’s supply store and stare at the walls of gems and beautiful glass on strings and I can feel my pupils dilate. PREETTYYYY!!!! But I can rarely figure out what to do with them. On my latest trip to one of these stores I came across these beautiful agate beads. Their pattern and texture was so unique I wanted to buy them just to put in a glass jar. I thought to myself, no, make something! Conquer this stigma you’ve made up in your brain that you can’t use beads and just make something cool. So, I made this neck piece using pieces from my Bed of Bones collection. 
Lauren Hanham

Here are a few more images of some awesome pieces that incorporate beading.

Ulli Kaiser
Myung Urso

Alexis Kostuk

Gillian Batcher

Loretta Lam

Maybe now that I’ve broken the ice between myself and beads I’ll be able to actually use the reserves I’ve got stashed away. Here goes nothing!