Application time again!

It seems like every couple of months I go through an intense application writing period. I have not been slacking off by any means, it is a question of when the calls for entry come out and when they are due. They tend to cluster around a few times of the year and we are heading into another one right now. I realized it yesterday when I was in a panic that there were to many things to make, to many essays to write and not enough hours in the day. I spent yesterday flustered by all of it and today I settled into making lists of what was due and creating a schedule I could comfortable work with to get everything in on time.

So what has me working up a sweat at the bench you ask? Below are some links but if you just start searching you will find many many more. You may have missed some of these deadlines but mark them down on your calendars and next year you will be ready!

Good luck to all who enter!