Back in the Saddle

Holy tripoli, it’s been a long time!
After almost 8 weeks recovering from a fractured arm bone I am back in the studio working. Just in time too! Not only is fall my favourite fashion season, there’s a wedding ring competition happening in the studio to help whip me back into shape.
Even though I couldn’t work this summer, I still had my fair share of adventure between cottages, weddings, family reunions, Niagara Falls, and a camping trip in Long Point Provincial Park for the last week of August. Jewellery, however, was always still in the back of my mind. While in Port Colborne I collected some fish bones that I thought might be a great jumping off point for a fall collection. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to use the actual bones…they’re kind of smelly.

Today is not so nice outside but I still feel like there’s a couple nice days left before it starts to get cold. I went for a walk through High Park and then down to the beach on Tuesday and there were people still sun bathing!
The city has drained the pools, but I’m not packing away my sandals just yet.