2016 is our 10th Year in Business!

2016 is quite a milestone for Jewel Envy and its crew of talented goldsmiths. To celebrate we are going to have monthly specials for the 10 months leading up to the anniversary in December. Each special will relate to a milestone Jewel Envy achieved in that year of business as a thank you to our wonderful customers for your support and encouragement. Check this blog and our monthly email to find out what we have in store for you month by month. This event kicks off on March 1st so be sure to let us thank you in person in the store!

March 2016 Special:

You might think it’s no big deal signing a lease but I have to tell you it is! Signing that contract and committing to a space and business was a huge milestone! In honor of the act of signing the lease that set the stage for Jewel Envy as you know it today we had these adorable 10 Year Anniversary pens made up to include with all of your *purchases made in March 2016.

April 2016 Special:

In our second year of business we made a conscious effort to expand our network in the creative and business world by forming partnerships with other small businesses and participating in larger cultural events. To help mark this we are partnering with our favourite cafe on Roncesvalles, the 7th Sister, and offering our customers a free small coffee with the purchase of jewellery or classes this month. With your purchase you will receive a ticket that can only be redeemed in the month of April. If you register for a class online or over the phone don’t worry we will put the ticket with your class registration form and give it to you when you come in for the class.

May 2016 Special:

In our third year of business we made some big studio changes as Jewel Envy moved from a partnership to a sole proprietorship. With this shift we added two more benches and changed the format for our classes. Both of these changes meant an immediate increase in interest in the space and our classes went from running occasionally to running consistently. To thank you, our dedicated participants, we will be doing a draw for a free 1 day class. All you have to do is come into the studio this month and fill out a ballot to be entered. No need to purchase anything and everyone who is 16 and over that comes in is welcome to be part of the draw!

June 2016 Special:

In our fourth year of business we reached a full studio with a waiting list for new goldsmiths to join. This led to increased exposure for the store and we started doing a lot more custom work because of it. As a thank you this month we will be giving away a free package of earring backs with any purchase from the store. We care about protecting your precious collections!

July 2016 Special:

Our July Promotion relates to our 5th year of business when we really
expanded our repair services and offered some special events were we
would complete repairs within the hour on specified days. To honour this
milestone we want to help protect your jewellery with special 3M anti
tarnish strips. Drop in this month and receive a package with any
purchase from the store, repairs, or jewellery classes. 

August 2016 Special:

Our August Promotion relates to our sixth year in business when we reached our capacity for jewellers and classes in the space so we started to consider expansion. After many months of location scouting, 151 Marion Street was found, purchased, and the renovations began. Our thank you this month is a free key-chain with any purchase from the store, symbolizing the keys to the new space and the next adventure. Amazingly enough we are finding ourselves in the same place once again where all of our benches are full and we have a waiting list for new members to join as well as classes running at full capacity; only this time we are staying put in our forever home on Roncy!

September 2016 Special:

In our seventh year in business we immersed ourselves in local community
events such as the Polish Festival, school tours and locally curated Art
Walks. As a thank you this month we will be upgrading our Polish
Festival event held at Jewel Envy. This means we will cast your carved pieces in sterling silver and finish them for you! In previous years casting in sterling silver was only available if you took the class the next weekend.

October 2016 Special: 

In our eighth year in business we expanded our repair services and as a result our repairs usually take 1 to 3 weeks to complete. As a thank you this month we will offer 1 hour repairs on Sundays. Drop your piece off, go for a stroll and enjoy the crisp air, come back in one hour to pick up your restored jewellery.

*Please note, not all repairs can be completed in 1 hour but we will do our best!

November 2016 Special:

In our ninth year of business we expanded and upgraded some of our older pieces of equipment...again! As a thank you this month we will offer 1 free ultrasonic cleaning of a piece of jewellery while you wait. Just let let us know you want to take advantage of this offer when you come in and we’ll be cleaning while you browse!

December 6th, 2016 marks our 10 year anniversary! December 2016 Special:

Our specials culminate this month with our anniversary party! This is an RSVP event. The first 50 people that arrive will get swag bags of amazing handmade things and promotional products. There will be fun surprises during the event.

This is also the month we ask you to give back. If you have work appropriate jewellery hanging around that you no longer wear donate it to Dress for Success Toronto by dropping it off to Jewel Envy anytime until December 24th. We will clean and fix all donated jewellery before dropping it off in January.

Thank you for supporting us!

*while supplies last