Clean and Simple


Slick. Sleek. Clean. Simple. Are we still talking about handmade jewellery? Yes!

Handmade jewellery encompasses a vast, expanding selection of styles and expressions. The personality differences in goldsmiths are exemplified in their works in a way not capable in mass produced pieces. Goldsmiths themselves are capable of achieving completely different looks depending on the request, but they often settle on a signature style that “works” for them. It may be folksy, historical, high art, fashionable, or simply based on a newly acquired skill.

At Jewel Envy, our independent goldsmiths represent well respected artists, highly technical maestros, observant storytellers, but most of all, skilled professionals who love their craft and challenge themselves every day. That is why, whether you browse online or in person, you will see an array of styles, skills and expressions.