Co-op Introduction

                     My name is Rebecca and I’m a Co-operative(Co-op) Education student from Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary High School work at Jewel Envy. Co-operative Education is a 2 credit course where students are give the opportunity to gain real work experience and learn the steps of what is expected in the real workplace. My Co-op placement is at Jewel Envy, a custom jewellery retail store. I chose Jewel Envy as my workplace because I want to enhance my art skills, learn about retail, and gain experience. It is an amazing environment to be in and employees are nice and give the time to answer any questions about the work or task. I have learned about the process of moving silver or gold into different shapes for jewellery. A bit of retail and the organizing of paper work. It has only been a few weeks since I have started but it has all been a great experience. I would recommended any Co-op student to have their placement at Jewel Envy because the store has a positive environment, they have good communication, and it is a good work experience.