From the ends of the Earth….to Toronto!

People everywhere simply swoon at the sight of a gorgeous gemstone. It would be difficult to deny the beauty and seeming magic involved as the Earth works tirelessly to continuously create these sparkly gems that awe. From the earth, moon, ocean and beyond – these specimens come in all shapes, colours, sizes and rarity. Some we use to adorn ourselves in jewellery, and some we simply marvel at!

In fact, you can see for yourself! Our very own Royal Ontario Museum ‘Earth’s Treasures’ Gallery currently showcases exceptional gems from all over the world – including a 900 karat diamond from Namibia and a wide collection of lunar and martian meteorites, just to name a couple. 🙂

If you are in the mood to see what has us Goldsmiths at Jewel Envy always excited and to see what Mother Nature is REALLY made of, make your way to the gallery and be sure to snap and share some pics with hashtag #jewelenvy #ROM- we want to see what WOW’d you!

900 karat diamond
Giant amethyst 


Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Warm Regards, Jess