Garnets–it’s January, right?

So, winter seems to have (maybe?) arrived…although happily, it’s a nice sunny Saturday! In honour of starting another trip round the sun (and because I’m a January baby), let’s spotlight the garnet.

Garnets are the January birthstone, and when you think of garnets, you might think of red/burgundy, and you’d be right. What you may be less familiar with, is the wide range of colours that garnet comes in, including orange (my favourite!), and green.

Different colours of garnet

There’s lots of information about garnets available- the nitty gritty about their structure and variants, as well as the lore behind them. For example, did you know that the word garnet comes from an old word for pomegranate? Or that they were the height of trendy during the Victorian era?

Garnets are a great stone, they’re reasonably hard, so they’re durable, they come in a range of colours, and they’re usually pretty budget friendly, making them a great choice for jewellery!

Earrings by Robin (House of Cassady), sterling silver with garnets and needled felt)

We hope you’ll wander in to the studio and see the exciting pieces we have available, or talk to us about making your jewellery wish come true in a custom piece incorporating garnets!

Have a great day!

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