Happy Sunday everyone.  It’s Jess here at the store all day, holding it down at Jewel Envy in beautiful Rocny 🙂 It’s my turn on the blog, and I am feeling introspective. Today, I feel like writing about my WHY. Why do I do what I do?

    Depending where in life you have met me, you either know me as Jessica the martial artist, the banker, the dancer, the goldsmith, the teacher or all of the above. It is true; I chose to wear many hats in my life. I always have, and I do so because it feels like me. I am proud to be multi-faceted and to go through this life meeting beautiful people, learning about myself and experiencing the things that bring me joy. Isn’t that what life is about anyway?

    Sometimes I wear one hat more often than another, but make no mistake, I love them all and for different reasons. That being said, the hat I want to touch on today is the sweet hat of the goldsmith. Why do I wear it and why do I love it? That’s easy. 

piece I create could be a symbol of love between two people or many, it
could be a memento honoring a milestone in someone’s life, it could be
an accessory that makes you feel empowered and unstoppable, or it could
be an item of adornment. Whatever the reason, it is beautiful and sacred
to me because it is a very special part of me that is in service to you. 
    A piece
I create may be for a moment in time, or it may outlive me and go on generation to
generation. In doing so,
I get to look inside myself for inspiration, leverage the gifts of the earth, and morph them into pieces of art. Something
that I create enters someone’s life and makes them happy. 
I get to take
something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. From my heart & mind, through my hands and into the world. That my friends, is called alchemy. 


    No matter what we do in life, whether it be one thing or many, I believe it is important we that must show up at our best. Whether designing and creating a piece of jewellery,
doing someone’s hair to make them feel fabulous, serving a cup of
coffee that kicks off someone’s day, issuing a plane ticket that kick starts an adventure, making breakfast that gives someone the energy to go out and tackle their dreams, or landscaping a garden that will be the playground for
memories made – remember that a part of YOU is going out into the world, and believe me, that is super special and it really means

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

Lot’s of love from #Jewel Envy,