Happy Sunday Jewel Envy Followers!

Happy Sunday Jewel Envy Followers!

Its Jess here, and I’m back today with blog #2 of the weekend. I’m a fan of tradition and since yesterday’s post was about the folklore and mythology of my absolute favourite gemstone, I figured I would stick to the theme and give you some background on another fan favourite of mine…..drumroll….Amazonite!

A true beauty, soft, semi-opaque, and a blueish turquoise hue, reminding me of the waters of a deserted island, Amazonite is a stone associated with the throat chakra. This is the part of our energy body that we associate with effective communication. It is said that wearing Amazonite will help to enhance your ability to delivery presentations, negotiate and have impactful conversations.

Legends have it that Amazonite was originally found in the Amazon river (hence the name). The coolest part of the mythology to me is it’s association with the fierce mythical warrior women- the Amazons. These women were a force to be reckoned with, adorning the Amazonite stone on their sheilds during battle, they believed that it gave them the ability to heal and protect. This is why it is referred to as the stone of feminine power and courage.

So you may want to think about incorporating a piece of Amazonite in your jewellery box, ready to go for those days you want to embody that warrior spirit or need just that little extra boost of courage for the day! If you would like that custom piece of courage made just for you, come in and see us! We’ve got you covered 🙂

Thanks for stopping by Sunday Readers! This was a fun journey for me into my love for gemstones and mythology this weekend – see you again next month! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂



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