Hello everyone!

My name is Liane Vaz and I am the
new summer intern at Jewel Envy! I just finished my third year at OCAD
University in the Jewellery & Metalsmithing program.

passion for jewellery began in high school – where we had a Design
program that included ceramics, glass, fiber, and jewellery. Contrary to
what most people think – we worked with sterling silver and not beads!
At the time I had not realized the value of silver since we didn’t have
to pay for it up front (we paid a $30 studio fee at the beginning of the
year and that was it). Looking back, I wish I saved every off-cut and
every gram of silver!

At OCADU, I had a leg up for a
little while because I already knew basic things like how to use a
jeweller’s saw and how to solder. I believe that this previous knowledge
allowed me to grasp other concepts and techniques as time went by and
as I learned more advanced processes.

After a History
of Jewellery class at OCADU, most of the people in my class (including
myself) realized that we did not know a lot about contemporary
jewellers. One of my goals this summer is to research and learn all I
can about contemporary jewellers – I think I’m doing pretty well so far
since I am now working amidst several contemporary jewellers here at
Jewel Envy!

Another goal for this summer is to refine my
finishing skills. Sadly, jewellery finishing is often thrown under the
bus when we’re trying to meet deadlines at school. Also, learning new
techniques or variations on old ones would be an amazing thing to have
under my belt as I go into my fourth and final year at OCADU. Finally, I
would like to pick Gillian’s brain and learn the
business side of the jewellery trade and how I can own and run my own
sometime in the future!

I’m looking forward to learning and doing and creating this summer!