If you have old jewellery lying around, now is the perfect time to make it into something new!

Do you have some heirloom jewellery lying around in a box that perhaps has emotional significance but isn’t really your style? At Jewel Envy we can make your old pieces new again! If you have a piece with precious metal such as gold, we can use that to make something fresh for you, or if you have precious stones, we can use them to create a whole new design. Something you will want to wear all the time and will still bring back the fond memories attached to the piece. You might be surprised how many fun new things can be done with old pieces, so don’t leave them to languish in the box, bring them in so we can help you get inspired! Below you can see a unique pendant made from a quartz, provided by the client created by Aurora Simmons of Handmade Revolution.

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