In the blood-by House of Cassady

It’s another sunny Saturday, and I’m in the studio. Apple weather lied to me and said it was going to be rainy, I feel a bit deceived!

Anyway, I’m digressing. I thought I’d tell you about a new piece that I just completed (it really is hot off the bench!!). For me, it’s a major new work, and is part of the ongoing series of pieces that I have been making exploring the cell shapes of the immune system and the positive and negative aspects of their activities.

I’ve called it “in the blood”, and it’s composed of sterling silver with a slightly sub-mirror polish, with green cabochon (that means flat back, smooth top) tourmalines and my signature needled felt insert with forest green felt.

The metal components, connecting jump rings, and larger ring connectors are evocative of blood vessels, and the circulatory system that blood and other immune cells can use to move through the body, with the kinetic motion referencing the dynamic nature of blood flow. In fact, one interesting property of the immune cell is that it can move in and out of blood vessels and tissues via a process called extravasation or diapedesis. The discs with the tourmalines are representative of red blood cells, and the large abstract hollow form cutout is evocative of the macrophage.

In the blood

The chain and pendant are so long, I had a hard time getting it all in the photo!!

Here’s a close up view of the central pendant, with a better look at those yummy tourmalines (I love tourmalines) and the detail in the macrophage with its dark forest green needled felt!

I’ve included some of my process photos below, so you can see how it started to come together over time. At the end, I had to slightly modify the design, as it is meant to slide over the head with no clasp, but it was a smidge too small, so I cut the straight side arms and inserted an additional ring on each side to lengthen it to a more manageable length.

Beginning of the idea for the central pendant.

I love the kinetic flow, but the more substantial look of the all metal necklace that I had made previously, so this one is a variation on that. Here’s my initial layout.

Here we are at a bit of a more advanced stage-almost ready to add the connecting jump rings, and set the stones.

I hope you love it as much as I do! If you interested in seeing more of my work with these shapes, you can visit IG, or book a virtual shopping tour.

Hope you’re enjoying the sunny Saturday, and as usual, stay safe, and we hope to see you more again soon, when we’re able to.

-Robin Cassady-Cain

House of Cassady

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