It’s Sunday. You’re a man. Look at some cufflinks why dont’cha?!

Ok, so maybe you’re not a man.  But I’m willing to bet that you know a man… possibly a man who wears cufflinks.  So here are some cufflinks for you to look at and admire.  They are wonderful aren’t they!  Luckily for you they are all available here at Jewel Envy.  Come down for a closer look if you like, we’re open today until 6pm and then again on Tuesday 10 am to 6pm.
Top: Only for the studs!  (Jewelust by Amanda Henderson)
Middle: Did you think it was a ring?  Fooled you!  It is actually a pair of very manly cufflinks.  
(Ellolite by Ellen Tsai)
Bottom: Lovely windmill symmetry  (Hyewon Jang/H Jewellery)

 All four of these lovely cufflinks are PASH Jewellery Design by Gillian Batcher.  Which are your favourite?  I love the horses – the eyes are jewels of course.
And finally these four are Archerade by Sasha Oda.  The ones on the bottom right are my favourite.  They are called The Stephen, named after a great friend’s husband.
Quite a variety of Very Manly Cufflinks to choose from.  And if you don’t see exactly what you like, we offer custom design services as well.  Something for every-manly-one!
Enjoy your Manly Sunday!!!  xx

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