Little pieces of me extend all over, bringing me joy!

I have been doing a lot of custom work lately and it’s made me reflect a little about my career choice. I absolutely love coming up with my own designs and seeing them come to life in finished pieces of jewellery. Yet there is something special about meeting with someone and sharing the process of how I design and create to then bring one of their ideas to life. The sharing of personal details is intimate and a bond is formed over this process.

Often people don’t think they are conveying enough detail when we meet to design something for them but there is more that goes into a design than just what you tell the artist. There are many nuances captured in how you speak, what you are wearing, and how you describe how you want to wear a piece of jewellery. Over time one learns to read between the lines to flush out each customer and what is important to them in the design.

This personal side of custom jewellery is what deeply appeals to me. Jewellery is meant to be treasured and seemingly in juxtaposition to our other acquired treasures, also worn. We bond with our jewellery just as we bond as a customer and maker. When a treasure I have created leaves the studio a little piece of me goes to a new home and in that act my work starts a new journey, one I can daydream about and feel proud to have been a part of. Little pieces of me exist all over, making my artistic heart soar!


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