Love Is In The…Cards?

Ok friends, it’s your girl Lauren here. I feel I need to apologize for this weather. Once every month I pick a day to take care of this lovely studio here at Jewel Envy and pretty much every time I do disastrous weather ensues! It’s like the Hanham family camping curse: torrential downpour, without fail. On the bright side, it’s finally February and you know what that means! No, not two more months til spring. No, not Valentine’s day in two weeks. No, not…ok those are actually both true and very important but guess what else happens in two weeks?

House of Cards returns to Netflix for season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even handle it. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright rule the small screen in this adaptation of the BBC drama by the same name. If you haven’t met Frank and Claire Underwood, you should. On tv though, not in real life. They’re scarey good at manipulating those around them to get what they want. In this case for Frank, it’s the US presidency. If you haven’t seen the show, long story very short Francis “Frank” Underwood gets passed up for the position of Secretary of State and he is NONE too pleased about it.
So if Valentine’s day ain’t your thing, you’ve got something else to look forward to and you have 2 weeks to catch up on season 1 if you haven’t already seen it. I highly recommend it, just look up trailers on YouTube and you’ll be intrigued. Plus, I’ve got just the jewellery for the occasion:

Glaciale by Alexis Kostuk’s Playing Card collection

We’ve got you set for traditional and more unique Valentine’s day jewellery too for all you love birds out there, from many different price points. All the pieces below are between $5 and $150 dollars, and there’s many more options!

So whatever you plan on doing this February 14th, we can find a piece of jewellery to suit your needs.

Love to you all!

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