New Equipement at Jewel Envy

Hello Sunday Readers,


Jewel Envy is a collaborative studio environment where we get to make the work we love!  share ideas and help each other flourish. We do this because the arts are important, we respect each other’s ideas and we value each other. Through hard work and supportive infrastructure we can succeed in-achieving all of our goals!
Among the new facilities at the studio, we have a Laser Welding machine.  In this laser welding process, the energy gets into the work piece only through heat conduction. The laser melts the materials to be joined along the joint. The melts flow
into each other, and the solidified melt connects the materials
  This machine will help to make our work so much easy!  

Laser Welding 


The new Polishing machine is a big improvement too,  the final step in jewelry manufacturing is polishing a newly created
piece to a mirror-like finish. This is done with a motor powered
polishing machine. The new one is a state of the art, more security because the buffers are behind a plastic protector, and the dust doesn’t come out of the machine, but goes in a filter that stop it to spread in the room.

Polishing Machine

Last but not least the new blue multi-locker is amassing! now every one of the gold smiths has their own locker lose to the polisher, to keep their buffers and more!

We improve every day for you! to give the best of our work, design and ideas!
We love what we do and you are a very important part of it!

Have a nice Sunday!



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