New Neighbourhood, New(ish) JE Goldsmith

Hello there!

This is Amanda! Nice to meet you. I started at Jewel Envy in August, and, how rude of me, I haven’t introduced myself. I like pizza, cats, and long walks on the beach… No, but really, I am the designer/goldsmith of Jewelust. I make mustache-themed jewellery, called Sweet Movember, and I donate a portion of all sales to Movember for prostate cancer research and support. I also make a line of Whirl jewellery, it’s kind of like curled ribbon on a nicely wrapped gift, only made out of silver!

I was fortunate to start at Jewel Envy just before the exciting move to 151 Marion Street. We are now set up and open for business! And what an exciting time for it to all happen. I’ve been meeting the local LoRo residents and, while our Spadina location was right in the middle of the bustling downtown activity, Roncesvales is proving to be a friendly, welcoming neighborhood.

Do you know about the LoRo Block Party? This is just one example of how great this neighbourhood is! On Thursday, December 13th, Lower Roncesvales (LoRo) – that means Roncey south of Galley Ave, is having a block party. Stores will be open late, until 10pm. We’ll be here with special treats. So come on by, say hi, finish that gift shopping, and have a treat!

See you Thursday!
And I can introduce myself properly, in person.

Here is my Movember Gala Party Special Sparkle ‘Stache

And here is my kitten modeling it.

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