Ode to the Mothers at Jewel Envy!

Tomorrow is mother’s day. We think of mother’s day as a day to thank mom for caring for us, family, and always being around. As a soon to be mom myself I wanted to highlight how important it is to recognize your mom outside of the traditional roles she has played for you. No matter what she has done in her family life there is another side to her that is often overlooked. She may have a career, hobbies, important relationships outside the family and so much more. Your mom is a multi dimensional person and it is all of those additional traits and passions that makes her the wonderful person you will be honoring this weekend.

Below I would like to highlight the amazing work of the goldsmiths in the space who also share the hat of being a mom when when they are not working on their own business. To be able to do both jobs well takes tremendous talent and dedication.

Thank you moms for inspiring your kids and being you!

Hyewon Jang (mother of two sons)
Ivane Thiebaut (mother of one son)
Helena Perez Lafaurie (mother of one daughter)


Gillin Batcher (soon to be mother of first child)

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone,


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