Preparing for Bond

This is my first week as a Jewel Envy jeweller–and my first blog! It has also been my first time entering a juried show. Bond which runs at Zilberschmuck from Nov. 29 to Dec. 24 had many of us in the studio exploring our own interpretation of what “bond” means to us. The results are as remarkable and varied as the artists. The pieces will be judged on Tues. Nov. 9–good luck to everyone! My own piece explores the bonds that make up the three most common molecules in the human body–water, lipids, and proteins–and the bond between this (what we are) and who we are. While I have been the lucky recipient of so much encouragement and wisdom from the other jewellers, this is the first time I have experienced it in the high energy, stressful situation of getting ready for a show. I cannot thank everyone enough–every gasp or groan seem to send someone running to help! Being in such a cooperative space is incalculably enriching and invaluable. Thank you so much.