Campfire Kiss By Eric Petersen



For the first time ever we have a special opportunity to share and promote this beautiful candle which is clearly not jewellery or related to jewellery….but knowing our brand are you sure it’s not related to jewellery?! Well funny story but it is related! You will need to read the blog to learn how it’s related and why we think you are going to love. Please read some important facts about the candle below and also note this is for online purchase and in store pick up. It will not be available for delivery!


Fragrance: Top notes: Smoke, birch, mahogany; Middle notes: Musk; Bottom notes: Woodsy aroma, Eastern red cedar, moss.

Burn Time: 45 to 50 hours.

Origin: Made by master perfumers in Grasse, France the world capital of haute perfumery but designed by Eric Petersen

Wick: 100% natural cotton, lead-free and hand-set. Designed not to drown in wax during burning.

Wax: A premium blend of natural and mineral oils designed for optimal olfactory diffusion.

Each Purchase includes:

1 x 180g candle, gold foil branded dust box, branded envelope with care instructions to maximize enjoyment and longevity