Mystery Jewellery Package!


This is a one of a kind offer of 3-5 pieces of jewellery with a retail value of $400-$500 for a cost of $295. These pieces of jewellery are in perfect condition they are just older pieces from collections and not available at Jewel Envy or through any of the goldsmiths independent websites or other retailers. When purchasing you can let us know at least two types of jewellery you would like from this group: necklaces, earrings, pins/brooches, rings, cuff links. If you choose a ring please let us know your size. If you choose a necklace know that some will be 16″ so if you need longer let us know. We consider most jewellery to be unisex by definition but if there are some adjectives to describe jewellery that suits you feel free to let us know. We want the lucky mystery shoppers to feel spoiled beyond belief with these packages and know there will probably be some extra’s added to make sure you do!

*There are only 5 packages available for purchase!