Sasha Oda – Today’s Artist Spotligh

  Sasha Oda from Archerade

  Today’s spotlight is on Sasha Oda,
is an amazing goldsmith and teacher. She has been a resident goldsmith at Jewel
Envy for some time but still has the drive and renewed energy and creativity of newbies combined with her experience to details and beautiful quality of craft that only time and experience can give you. 
She is driven and hardworking goldsmith with a
definitely recognizable style such as her bullet shaped gemstones bracelets,
earrings and necklaces with sharp angles and forms but still feminine for the elegant and strong woman of today. 
 Her style is
sharp, edgy and rock&troll in my view. I love all her pieces and can not
wait to have my own..

You can find most her pieces here at Jewel Envy or get
your own custom order for a definitely more unique piece. Sasha will also be
participating to the “Handmade Spring Pop Up Show”  May 1st – May 15th

 See below a sample of her creations, and if you want to see more, you can check her website,

 Ivane For Jewel Envy!

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