Seeing Circles

You’ve heard of seeing stars, well, I’m seeing circles. Today, to catch up some missed hours ( thank you winter blues), I have been working since ten this morning. It’s not at all bad, in fact I’ve had a great day. The only downside is that after cutting so many circles in wax I now see circles everywhere I look. These little green wax circles don’t look like much yet but they’re destined  be itty bitty, delicate flowers in just about any metal you could ask for. They could be part of earnings, pendant, bracelets, rings. So much potential all with a diameter under 6mm. This is why I spend  many hours here. Even the tiniest little steps, repeated over and over until you see circles become beautiful when put together. It’s so calming too. Gives me a chance to let my mind wander, listen to podcasts and talk to our wonderful goldsmiths.

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