Seeing Red

What gets you pumped? It’s always been my dream to be featured in a jewellery show—actually, any show will do…. American Bitchelorette, Sexy Idle, you name it– and now it looks as if I’ll finally get my chance. Granted, I’ll be sharing the limelight with my fellow goldsmiths from the Jewel Envy studio, but I’m jazzed nonetheless. Yes, I’m downright excited to be sharing the stage with these talented women at our upcoming jewellery show called Red.

I’m no politician and I’m no Old Spice gal with a YouTube audience, and despite the realization that I may be more of a passerby than a mover and shaker, I feel that it is my responsibility to alert people to the dangers of global warming. For the purposes of the show, I’ve crafted a custom volcano of silver and gemstones as a metaphor for the destruction of the planet caused by humans. I’m seeing Red… how about you?

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Young Kyoung Ko

P.S. RED will be featured at the Distillery, Pearson Airport and 18 Karat.