Summer Seaside Blues

With the summer in full swing, my thoughts turn to my favorite summer place–Georgian Bay and the multiplicity of blues that can be seen in the water. I am not alone in these thoughts–many customers this time of year come into the store in search of the perfect blue jewellery to wear by the water.

My perfect summer look? An oversized white shirt with layers of blue! Like this lovely look (from Chicos).

Breeze the summer away with whites and blues!

Looking around Jewel Envy I realize that I (and you!) don’t have to have to go far to achieve this look.  All the resident goldsmiths here in the blue house have caught the blue summer wave.

From bottom to top: atelier J’s Sterling branch with turquoise, Glaciale’s Sterling and enamel pendant, Ivane Thiebault’s Sterling shell and blue beads, Pash’s Sterling and chalcedony hummingbirds, and finally, Tammy McClennan’s Sterling, brass, and seafoam-coloured, powder-coated pendant.

Jewel Envy has your summer blues covered!  Come on in and get your layer on! But don’t forget your white shirt!


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