New Life Exhibition

It is hard to believe it has been almost a month already!
The last day of our exhibition, New Life, is May 31. Only one week away.

It was really great to see everyone at the opening, and throughout the month and to discuss the different interpretations of “new life”.

Here are three pieces in the exhibition:

Disguise Kit by Amanda Henderson (me!) is about starting a new life incognito, and was inspired by Groucho Glasses, the plastic disguise kit. This kit consists of sterling silver reading glasses, a gold-plated sterling silver and stainless steel mustache septum ring, and a ceramic nose stand. It is a continuation of my Sweet Movember line of mustache-themed jewellery that I sell to raise money for prostate cancer. ( Fool your friends!

Rafi Sativus II by Sasha Oda
Rafi is a small snail with big dreams. Little did he know that nature had other plans for him. While he slept underground, a plant pierced his larvae and he was forever changed. This sculpture was inspired by the Japanese word “tôchûkasô” that translates to “winter insect summer grass”. This word encompasses the entire concept of a growing plant unexpectedly crossing paths with the larvae of an insect.

Octobaby is Chia-Chien Tsai‘s vision of a hybrid organism. The octopus tentacles store nutrients and have magnetic abilities. The upper half of Octobaby is human. His brain, body, and arms and legs are used just like ours.

Come in this week, and discuss these and a lot more with us!

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