Teaching at Jewel Envy

My experience teaching at Jewel Envy!

I have been teaching my first class at Jewel Envy recently and I love it! 


 Sharing my passion for creativity and jewellery making is a treat. Seeing and
helping students learn and progress to a level where they start creating original and beautiful pieces is amazing, there is so
much hidden talent here, and no pre-conceptions of what can be done or not! The results are awesome!

 See for yourself and admire our introduction class’s students work – p.s. this
is not even the final projects. I can not wait to see what’s coming next…

hope we have sparkled some future goldsmiths, we certainly did in the past!

Our students are great!

Ivane Thiebaut

Amazing snakes pair of silver earrings!

 Brass and copper necklace on cord using the riveting technique

 Silver fish pendant using the rolling printing method and on right a very nice simple sterling silver band ring with waves!