The Team at Jewel Envy is back

The team at Jewel Envy is back. After almost three months at home, we are here again to work and make repairs, custom orders, give classes and more. We are here again to do our best for all of you.

It was difficult to get out and face the new normal, which is anything but normal.  But we all need to keep going, and feel confident again.
Work is a good and important part of what we all do and being back at the studio is amazing.

Slowly but surely we will build our new lives, and remember you are a big part of them. We need you to do your part, to feel confortable when you come back to see us. Jewel Envy has done all the changes necessary to assure your security and peace of mind. 

We will keep up with custom orders, repairs, new pieces, classes and more. In all we do you are in our minds, and we need your support as never before.  Take care, be safe. Start doing things as before, together we can keep going. We need the best from each other, we count on you!

Have a nice Sunday


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