TOAF Recap

I have struggled with not being creatively driven when I had all the time in the world to create while staying at home to try and flatten the curve. I had hoped that I would use my “extra time” to create voraciously to prep for an Art Fair, but in all honesty I barely added the finishing details to pieces I had already photographed in the lead up of participating in this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Fair – this year the Toronto Online Art Fair from July 2nd-12th. The online sale continue until December of this year, check out my artist gallery here.

My current work is shaped by my experience with my family’s foundry business which produces cast iron. A focus of this material has led to years of sketching ironwork producing distinct repeating shapes and patterns. Each piece starts as separate components and comes together with a purposeful awareness of composition and how the piece will be worn.

This past weekend I started to get back into the groove of creating more pieces using my ironwork patterns. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!


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