Tuesday Introduction!

Hello readers, my name is Alex Kinsley Vey, a
recent addition to the Jewel Envy studio.

I’d like to introduce you to my work and my practice!
I am from Hamilton, O.N. where I received jewellery training
from my parents. I moved to Toronto in 2010 and studied jewellery at George
Brown College, receiving an Adv. Diploma in Jewellery Arts in 2013.
I’ve shown work in Canada, Europe, and the United States. I
have been a member of Craft Ontario since 2012, Klimt02 since 2017, and I was accepted
into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-in-Residence program in 2015. After finishing
my residency, I joined Jewel Envy as a full-time member!
I split my jewellery practice into traditional fine jewellery,
and contemporary art jewellery, and jewellery education. I create engagement rings,
teach students gem setting, and exhibit work in art galleries.
My current collection of work is titled Iron Identity
which explores my personal and cultural identity defined by the particular
environment I grew up in. This identity is intimately entwined with the place
itself. Rust, corrosion, a sense of neglect, the commemoration of a fading
legacy, and the ability to endure are the concepts and visual language I
express in my work.
View from the Pier necklace

Gold für Eisen ring

View from the Pier necklace

This work is predominantly steel, coloured brightly using
paints, and then rusted by myself. Strong, geometric forms, and a heavy use of
I also take on client commissions ranging from engagement jewellery,
re-using old materials, to special projects. These are a selection of some of
these commissions.
Custom sterling silver dragon bracelet

Yellow gold feather earrings.

Pallasite meteorite set in 18k yellow gold frame.

Emerald cut diamond centre stone in platinum mount.
I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my career here at
Jewel Envy. Have a great week!

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