Artist Spotlight: Archerade!

In today’s Artist Spotlight is Sasha
Oda, the force behind Archerade: bringing colour and contrast together with
form and technique!  My personal
favourites are the ones in her collection with the ‘Huggie’ style – here are
three stunning examples!
                Her other
works also prominently display all sorts of gemstones, bringing a depth and
range of style, such as this wonderful necklace: a definitely statement piece!

                               Empire necklace - sterling silver pendant on silver chain, with turquoise stone
Lastly, as you can tell, pattern
and texture are prime features in many of her pieces: the light and dark
sequences add character to the finished work. 
A great example is the necklace below!

Bandit necklace - Sterling silver U-shaped pendant with chain

An incredibly diverse range of
styles and artistic influences make up the jewelry made by Archerade, come by
and see them today!

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