Welcome back Ellen!

So this month marks the return of our good friend Ellen Tsai.  She took an 8-month sabbatical from the studio, to pursue her gemmology certificate in her home country of Taiwan.  

We missed her pretty face, but now she is back and armed with more amazing gemmological knowledge to add to her already formidable goldsmithing arsenal.
This is her pretty face:
And this is some of her pretty work, under the name Ellolite:
 The detail on this sweet pendant is from fused sterling filings – the texture is sooo great!
These manly cufflinks also share the same rough, fused texture, that contrasts quite nicely with the high-polished, concave surface.
This jade ring is the perfect, subtle floral addition to any springtime wardrobe.
 And for those lazy days reading in the sun, this detailed, floral piece is right on the (book)mark.

 So stop by the studio sometime and say hello to Ellen why dontcha!

Enjoy the sunshine guys:)


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