What type of clasp should my necklace have?

Chapter 3 – What type of clasp should my necklace have?

There are many types of clasps and not all of them are created equally. Spring rings are the most used clasp in commercial jewellery, and the cheapest clasp with the highest rate of breakage.

If you want to upgrade a chain without buying a new one, have a jeweller change your   spring ring to a lobster clasp. It operates in a similar way but is just a little heftier and more reliable for keeping your clasp safely attached.

Toggle clasps are often used as accents in the design of a piece and are strong provided they have the correct proportions.

At toggle clasp is most commonly a ring with a bar that goes through it but they can be other shapes as well.

The bar must be at least two times the inside diameter of the circle they are pushed through. For non -geometric shapes take the longest diameter of the space and multiply it by two for the length of the bar. There must be some weight to the chain for this clasp to work as it is held in place by both sides of the chain pulling away from each other.

Magnetic clasps can be perfect for people who have a hard time manipulating regular clasps. They have rare earth magnets inside, which are stronger than regular magnets. Beware they can interfere with things like pacemakers and hearing aids, if you have either of these you must check with your doctor before wearing them.

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