What’s on my bench this month?

I really enjoy taking on custom work, for a variety of reasons.  Not least is, for the most part, it’s fun to interact with clients, helping them bring a vision they have to life, as well as stretching creative brain cells on new designs.  Especially as they’re often pieces that I wouldn’t just decide to come up with on my own, or they include technical challenges that are fun to tinker with.

I don’t often use very large stones, so this one was fun for that, plus I really enjoyed coming up with additional touches to really make this a one of a kind piece!

This pendant carrier was a technical challenge for me, there were two key things it had to do: be completely removeable, and have the capability to carry a pendant, or not.

My current challenge is actually a jewellery redesign.  My client acquired this great multi-diamond ring for a good price from an estate dealer, with the idea that she would reuse the components (stones and gold) to make a new ring, and I have the great pleasure to bring a new piece to life!

Multi-diamond ring on a thin gold band- bit too weddingy, but a good re-use of materials for a new design!

Our interaction started with a world of possibility, but after a bit of discussion, she decided that she really liked this ring shape that she already had in silver.

sterling silver wave ring

So, I set off to do some ideas of how to place the stones, and came up with a few different ideas:

We’ve come to an agreement about which is the preferred design, and now I’m on to carving the wax.  I could fabricate the design directly in metal, but the wax is more forgiving, and also allows for design changes before making the final piece.  The flexibility casting allows makes it a good choice, not only for pieces where the design is a bit more sculptural in nature, but also where there’s some possibility that the design needs to be modified before making the final piece.

Watch this space for an update sometime soon! 

Like I said, I really enjoy taking on custom work, contact me at the studio to start a discussion about that piece you’re harbouring a desire for in your secret heart!

Enjoy the long weekend, and stay healthy!

Robin (House of Cassady).