when things start to pile up, it’s time to organize!

Random detritus, including mokume and a piece of deer antler
Container of containers
pile ‘o boxes

Lately whenever I pause from doing work I gaze around my bench area & frown at the mess that is piling up around me.  I know I have enough storage space for placing my tools and materials away.  However, it seems like when I start working and switch between projects the detritus of “partially finished’, “just started” and “I should fix this” piles become sequestered in small containers and plastic bags crammed between tools.  Also, piles of random tools that I don’t use everyday but need to keep around and easily at hand – such as popsicle sticks and small containers to cram things intoIn an attempt to bolster myself into maintaining a cleaner space I constantly decide that I just need the “right” containers to help organize.  Enter: the dollarama, where cheap plastic containers line the shelves in abundance. I think I might be heading in the right direction with these beauties…

Look upon my organization skills with envy!
So beautiful!
Now maybe if I convince myself to drag my extra bookshelf to work I can continue my organizing binge…  


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