White Gold or Sterling Silver?

Ever wonder what the difference is between white gold and sterling silver in appearance? These two metals often get confused with each other. The game gets even more confusing when rhodium plating is involved (all that bright white metal at Tiffany & Co, sterling and white gold, is rhodium plated) making them almost indistinguishable. The best indicator to look for is a stamp.

Stamps for gold karats
Sterling stamp for sterling silver
925 stamp for sterling silver

Another good indicator is the weight. Something of equal size in gold will be heavier than its silver twin. Gold is a denser metal than silver.
The final thing to look at, if it is not behind rhodium plating, is the colour. Silver is whiter in colour than white gold. White gold has a bit of a warmer steely grey colour to it.

10k white and sterling silver ring by Zsolt Szekely

Now you know 🙂