Your winter jewellery

When the winter comes, we always like to use white to render the atmosphere, because the snow-white represents the flow of time and the change of seasons, reminding us that the new year has come quietly with the soft sound of the snow falling. 

“Snowflake” by Rex

Jewellers would also use gemstones to depict the winter scenery wrapped in silver. Bright diamonds, transparent white crystals and shiny pearls are transformed into snowflakes and ice crystals in this special season.

The most amazing scene in winter is the white world you see when you look out of the window after heavy snow overnight, all the sunshine is reflected in your eyes. Like a piece of snow, pure white jewellery has a sense of purity.

The ring “Snowflake” would be a great choice for your winter jewellery, it’s inspired by the snow in the winter, as the moissanite shines like ice crystals, it highlights the outline of the snowflakes.

“Snowflake” by Rex

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